Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Greek Boy's First Master

I am a gay male from GREECE. I just became 35 years old and two days ago I decided to explore my sexuality.  So I created an account at in order to look for master to train me to be his slave. 

Suddenly, I got a message from a dom who might want to be my master.  After some time and while I was reading this blog, I asked him to become my master. He interviewed me and asked some personal questions! Somehow, I trusted him and then because I told him that I was at work he command me to go to the bathroom and take off my underwear. Then  to wank to edge 5 times and then just wear my short pants...going commando work.

 I can't believe that I actually obeyed and did it...but I did it...and it made me very hard and so horny. Later, when I got home, I called him on Skype and then he started to train me. I felt honored that he accepted me to be his new slave.

Slave Inspection
Ball Squeeze

First, he inspected me and then had me squeeze my balls! This got my attention and I immediately knew who was in charge.

Slave Pussy Inspection
Puny Slave Cock

Then he made me strip naked and force my ass cheeks apart...I was proud he said he liked my ass and would own it.
Then he had me turn around and show my cock. He did not like my shaved pubes and told me to grow them back, if I ever wanted to cum again.  He made fun and humiliated me because of my small cock...but he said a slave's cock is useless anyways.

Slave Ready to Clean and Lick Floor
 I told to my master that this is the day that I clean my house...he commanded me to only wear my jock strap, open all the drapes and to clean the floor...after I had finished moping, he then commanded me to lick the floor with those heavy duty black metal pegs on my nipples is the most interesting cleaning I ever have!  He then ordered me to tie my black combat boots to the pegs and to let the boots hang...but when I raised up they jerked off in one awful nipples screamed, but strangely in my heart I was happy. He finished by making me reattach the pegs and the boot and had me lick the floor clean on all fours, dragging the boot as I went.

My Nipple After Master Removed the Black Metal Peg

After master made me remove the heavy duty black metal clamp (used for holding papers together when a stapler won't work), I felt huge pain, but then master had me push in on the nipple and as he promised, I suddenly felt a rush of pleasure....a gift from my master.

He is very good with me...he realizes what  my needs as a slave and as a person are...finally I found the only master I want to serve...he makes me experience pain; but I don't care because when he says to me "good boi", I don't feel pain any more...I want only to please him...

Thank you master for choosing me...I will never disappoint you...

--boi Jim

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  1. Strange, I took this boi farther and faster than usual for visit number one. I sensed he was ready and more than willing, after years of tame sexual encounters. His mind and head was ready, and I felt obligated to give him what he so much desired. Reading his post, it is clear master was right and it is also clear that master wanted him as well.