Saturday, May 3, 2014

Puppy Slave Returns to Train

As those slaves who I choose know, master is very particular in selecting slaves to serve him.  You can read in an earlier post how I choose.  Also, I do dismiss a few for disappointing, and some I release because they are ready to leave the nest for their own good and growth.

This puppy I first met when he was a freshman  at a very good university in California and he trained with me a lot for his first year and then less the next 3 years when he had a bf and a few times after he graduated with honors.

Then it was out into the real world, searching for a job, making ends meet and I released him, but we kept in touch always.  He has been thinking about and asking, wanting, and even puppy whining  to come back for some time now, but I have held off, because I wanted him to focus on his life and future.  He never has had much money, nor his parents, so getting a job is really important for his survival...but he always manages and does work hard no matter if it is Starbuck's or what, it just isn't what he loves, which is theatre arts.

 As you know, those I release can be welcomed back again, depending on each situation and what has changed. Those that are dismissed for cause are seldom invited back.

Consequently, there is a certain amount of turn over in my 5-7 slaves I keep at one time....and since I had last month released 2 of my bois, I have been looking for a good replacement.   Pup's timing was excellent as he  showed up today on my doorstep, wagging his very cute tail.

A Slave Pup Returns

 We discussed the basis for his return and he agreed to all the points and then I trained him a bit, before he had to study for his finals (he is working on his masters degree).


Long story short, he did well, on ALL counts that are important to me: trustworthiness, intelligence, strive for excellence in his work, and desperately trying to please me, making me happy no matter what I command.

His name is boi pup and he wants to post to the blog as soon as possible.  He is  cute like a puppy, loves to be naked 24/7, very intelligent, submissive and kinky!

He is the most previously trained 23 year old slave I have ever had, and he knows what I enjoy as we have done it all together over the past 6 years.  He has decided he wants to post often and and I also think the readers will benefit from his point of view, needs and desires. 

So when he it! 

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  1. Unfortunately, boi did not prove himself reliable again, so he has been dismissed....but not to worry a new hard core slave has joined and you will hear from him soon.