Saturday, June 28, 2014

Boi Jay: What goes Around ....Comes Around ...again?

Boi Jay has written about his feelings of discovery at the very beginning of our relationship and how he ran away.  As a master, I end up being very perceptive about a boi and Jay was no exception. I knew I scared him.  I scared him because I knew what he needed, I knew how he felt deep inside and what he was thinking and what he had been thinking about almost since he reached puberty.

...and then he was gone, and the caring and warmth I wanted to share, and yeah the sexual power exchange and bdsm I love and he would surely learn to love... was now  gone with him.  I moved on....and I guess so did he.

..and now days and months have gone by and then by some stroke of fate, up he popped, a new man, wanting to learn, not scared to be with this master, opening all of himself and trusting I would know what was best.

Slave's Balls On A Leash
Welcome back, for you I have nothing but a warm embrace and dreams of a future...if you get scared again whisper in my ear before running, as I might have your balls tied to a leash . 

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