Saturday, June 28, 2014

The First Day.... Again?

My name is Jay, and I was once a normal guy, with a normal life, and a normal daily routine. Now, that's all just an act. On the inside, I was born to submit. Born to be a slave to a dominant man.

When I first met master, I was too young to serve him, however I was eager. But in my headstrong act of total submission, I was scared, and it was in that fear that I acted, ignoring master to the extent of deleting every way of contact with him.

After that, it was about a year or two before I saw him again, and then I begged his forgiveness. But he knew, as master's do, what I had gone through. I was not only forgiven, but welcomed back. He knew I was born to serve, ready to be his.

He saw through my outside act and stubbornness to relish the lonely, fragile slave hidden within. And he drew the scared slave out. He brought it right into the bright light.

Now I couldn't be more eager to make him happy. Every "Good boi" from him feels like the highest praise. Both of us knew I was ready for proper training, and of course that meant obeying his every word.

At first, my natural hard-headed attitude proved an obstacle, but not one master could not overcome. Eventually, we worked through it together. Sure, I have my moods, but I believe every boy does. It's the moments where master and slave connect and spark that truly matter. Those last a lifetime. Master understands this, and encourages it. Many would feel very strange to be told what master has observed about themselves, but I feel privileged.; honored, even, that master would pay such close attention to me.

Now down to the training: he started me off with simple commands. Inspection as one might call it: "Strip" "Turn" and "Hands behind your neck" were just a few. 10 ball smacks later, I was shaking on my knees, not used to this type of pain, but my cock was rock hard.

 It was obvious I was loving it, even if I didn't know it myself. We continued further; the rest I'll keep between the two of us. I know for a fact, not even one word could come close to summing it up. Amazing doesn't even begin to cover it.

A word to fellow boys who have either stumbled across this site, or looking at it to find a master: Do not doubt him. He knows exactly what he is doing. I doubted him once, but I will never doubt him again. If he chooses you, he chose you for a reason, and you need to embrace that reason, because master is never wrong.

He wasn't wrong about me. I came back, and I'm never leaving again.

My name is Jay. This is my new life.

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