Monday, July 21, 2014

Boi Krys: Training Begins

Hi again!

It's been a while since my last post, so I think it's time to tell you what has been happening with master lately. It's been around a month since I met master and it's been amazing, not only training, the chatting, the advice, but his constant concern about how I'm doing.

Then his training of me as his slave began and it has been awesomely intense. I never know what he is going to, how long he is going to do it, and how it is even possible that I can do it? The first time we did it, master made me feel shivers all over my body, by just making me hit my balls and edging! Yes, over and over again and then some more. 


Paris Conservatoire
A Slave and A Dancer
As you know I am not a tall hunky muscle boi like I  imagine most his slaves are; rather, I am shorter and slim, as I am a dancer after all! Additionally as my master says, my cock and balls are sort of puny...but he is working on he ever...he never lets me go soft...he always keeps me on edge no matter what. 

 Of course being on cum control for 2 weeks at a time, has me raging hard most of the time... I am scared to death that I will have a wet dream and master will be disappointed in me....but so far I  have been lucky...and he has been pleased. 

Master has already made me do much: edging, ball torture, spanking my bubble butt with my belt until both cheeks were bright red and hot to the touch, ever increasing in length and intensity, and always making me jack to edge at points along the way.

A Pat For Pup Who Pleases
My reward is to please my master and earn a "good boi" and some times even an "outstanding", if I pass to a new level of punishment intensity. 

I work very, very hard for my master and some times I feel it is too much, but he knows me, better than myself and even if my body is shaking and I am moaning with pain and pleasure, he knows exactly when to let up and reward me with a hug, or a pat, or even a kiss. 

So far,  some of the things that I enjoyed the most have been when:
Master made me tie a sneaker to my balls and swing it from side to side, and front to was so hot having my cock and balls pulled down by my sneaker.

Then he made me take the sneaker off and sniff it while edging and I must confess I never thought it will turn me on as much as it did, and it was AWESOME! I couldn't stop sniffing it and I even tied it around my face and head so it covered my mouth and nose for 30 minutes while he continued to train me.

Another favorite time he played with me as a puppy which made my dream come true and made me realize I love being a puppy. He made me wander naked around the house on all fours  and eat from my puppy plate (not using my paws), which was really fun!

Then we had 3 weeks of not doing any training  (because of me being busy with a dance performance) and finally today was the day we trained again and it was something so outstanding I will never ever forget it. 

the boy will adjust… it has no other option now.
The Result of Cumming Without Permission
Sorry Master I Tried to Stop Completely
I had not been allowed to cum for 3 weeks and  as we started, I got easily turned on and after like 10 times of jacking to edge I stopped but my cock kept going and accidentally came a little.  Master was not pleased, and punished me very hard by spanking my butt with a belt until I lost count and was moaning and almost had tears in my eyes at times...worse yet my cock was soft and I was ashamed.

Then on as part of my punishment, master made me light a candle and drip hot wax my chest, especially my nipples, and I couldn't help not screaming!  But all of  a sudden my cock at once popped up and was as hard as it ever has been!  Master was pleased and I was happy.

However, if I thought I was already suffering a lot,  he made me drip two drops of hot wax on my cock! That popped up my cock again even harder so it was standing straight up! 

Then blissfully  he made me wank till I came with a huge shudder and an equally huge load. So I came two times in a session which was something incredible for me (and master seemed to enjoy it too)...then covered in wax, cum and sweat we had some cuddle time which was equally awesome. 

It's been a great experience being master's slave and I can't stop thinking that if this is just the beginning, then the best is still to cum... ;)

Boi Krys

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  1. Many slaves ask what I look for in a slave and in fact I wrote a post on that very topic for all to see what is inside my go find it. Needless to say, this boi has it: it works so hard to please, he is immediately obedient to commands, and he throws himself totally in pleasing his master.

    No, he is not at twink, no he is not a muscle boi, but his desire to please his master is so high that it can only be described as awesome: mentally and physically and of course since he is a trained dancer he has a supreme ability to express all that with his body and his very soul.