Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Experience For A New Life

Greetings to all!

I'm  now a slave boi of the master who started this blog for all of his slaves and himself. I am gay and when I met master I had a bf in my city. But, we had lots of differences and fights. I met Master on recon one week ago and I'm already happy in a very short time!

Online submission it's new for me, but I have always known I was sexually submissive and a bottom and was curious about bdsm/slave/master. This I did not get from my bf. After a few short days, I left my bf after yet another fight and now I  belong only to my Master.

 Master trains me almost every day or night, and this training is every time amazing!  He controls when and IF I can cum and makes me go for long periods so that my balls are full and even hurt.  He calls that "blue balls", I call it his way to make me very horny and willing to take almost anything he dreams up. We have agreed on limits and he always respects them, but I had no idea how intense his training would be.

Boi Loves Piss

I'm fanatical piss boi and I'm very happy, that Master shares with me this fetish!  Usually, at the end of an hour or two of hard training, Master permits me to piss in my month, chest and head  and suck my finger, even if it has been in my ass.

One time Master made me piss in my jeans then tie my hands and feet and then sleep in the jeans like that all night...I was hard when I went to sleep and every time I woke up I was still hard! He certainly knows how to use a slave boi's fetishes to keep him in constant state of high sexual desire.

For me when master does punishment, like whipping my butt with a belt, or belt snaps on my very hard cock or spanks my balls, it isn't the pain that excites me as much as it is that I know without a doubt he controls me and I am submitting totally to him in order to please him and make him happy.

My first training  was unforgettable! I was crazy about the immediate execution of Master's orders! This was the first time in my life I had ever tortured myself by obeying another person and I just loved it and even loved Master for it!

The very first hand spank of my full balls, followed by more spanking of them while edging  drove me crazy. Then he shifted to hitting my balls with the leather belt as they were caught in the middle of the folded belt while being snapped closed.

Master seeing that I was not getting soft, but even growing harder and harder then made me shift the belt snaps to my cock shaft and cock head. This excited me even more and I wanted to keep going and going. I sort of lost control, and after 100 snaps when master noticed a small amount of blood, on my cock, he stopped me at once.  We had agreed to no blood and even though I would of kept going, master was prudent and stopped training. It is obvious that master's cares and I respect him for this.

But for me the small cut and blood did not spoil the training at all,  even now remembering it, I am overwhelmed by emotion and the excitement of those feelings!

For sure I know now that I trust Master and obey his every command, because Master will not hurt me and he respects me as a person and he cares about me.

Master has been training me for new high limits of cum control and pain. He makes me move pegs on body, many times spank balls, cock and butt, drip hot wax on my naked body,squeeze hard my balls, chocking me with a belt leash around my neck...and who knows what is next??

 Last training session, I spanked with the belt my butt 200 times and it was bright red and very hot, but a wonderful feeling! I have never ever felt so complete, whole and happy. The future, I am sure will be full of  many beautiful and fair punishments by my Master, that make me happy and for which I am and will be very grateful to be owned and used by him.

Master always praises for the good execution of orders, and this is very, very nice. This helps me to understand, what my Master likes and how I execute punishments and commands...basically at once, without hesitation!

I  like to feel uncomfortable and be in a humiliating condition, and during the first little experience with the Master I was ordered to live a whole day without wearing underwear, even while at work! It was great, I remembered all day, with every move, my Master and his punishment and I was grateful for the opportunity that Master gave me to experience this.

The most beautiful thing of our relationship is: an understanding that I have a Master who expresses his desires and yet takes care of boi, thereby making both happy, fulfilled, whole and complete!