Friday, September 4, 2015

Slave when he was a Freshman

Over the past two days, Master has trained a slave he has had for over 4 years. I first met Jared when he was just beginning University.

Good Puppy

For the first year he loved puppy play, and was a very enthusiastic
puppy indeed.

He has never posted to the blog, because it "wasn't his thing", plus he is a very private person and does not want his picture splashed all over the internet. Master has always respected his wishes and never, even once taken a picture of this boi (so you are seeing guys that represent him). Please note that the slaves write their on posts, with the exception of this one, and they post pictures as they wish, I never do, nor keep any photos of my slaves..

Yoga Workout

He recently graduated University and is living at home and is working a part time job in his field....which gives him sometime when the house is empty to play. Jared is a strikingly handsome
slave boi, He works out daily for hours  at a time and is very careful of his body. He has great control
of both his muscles and his cuming, as he is really a yoga boi who works out.

He has had a bf off and on during college , but currently is single and very horny. WOOF! WOOF!

Yesterday, (Day One) he begged me to train him as he had not cum for days and wanted to submit totally to my needs, and since I had missed him I agreed. Jared has a lean but well defined body, with nice pecs and fantastic laterals and very good abs. He is very limber from yoga and can contort his naked body and can do a handstand on demand or curl his body over his head so I can make him piss or cum right in his open mouth.

Forced Naked  Workout

I often will make him do forced workouts completely he has a full gym at home and free weights and jogging platform. I make him sweat and bounce his cock and balls by turning the machine's speed up. I know that he loves being naked for me and wants to be pushed to safe point of non-injury, he wants his muscles to burn, but be hurt. When he was 19 I used to make him do one handed pushups and he was amazing, but one night he pulled his shoulder, so we dialed back the risky stuff. His body is important to him and he respects it and protects it....but still loves to be pushed and pushed and pushed, until he almost collapses. Making him run full out on an inclined treadmill is awesome with his semi hard cock bouncing around and leaking precum.

Recently, he was in his bright blue pouch jock, obviously hard with his ass totally exposed, when we started to train. His body had a light glow from sweat and his chest hair had grown back, and was sexy for me. We started with 25 slaps to each pec, making sure he hit the nipples, which soon became erect. The we moved to push ups with perfect form and crunches for his abs. The glow turned to glistening moisture and a deep smile on his face.

Work Out Hard On

Next he was made to make a fist and punch his pecs harder and harder and then flex and do it this time his cock was trying to escape the confines of his jock,
so I made him take it off.

At the point his cock stood straight up arced  towards his belly button, looking like it might burst.

He obviously had been edging all day, eating his precum and was almost out of mental and physical control...but he is very disciplined and did not cum although it was obvious to his master he was on the ragged edge of losing control and climbing the walls with desire.

Balls Tied to Dumbbell and Made to Jerk Hard
I made him crawl to the entry hall of his parents house and tie his balls with a cord to his heaviest dumbbell and get on his knees. I made him back up until the cord around his balls was tight and the dumbbell was not moving, pulling his cock away from his abs.  The skin of his ball sack was now totally smooth and shinny with the veins raised up. He had to rock hard so his balls were jerked each time.  Then one hand was untied and I made him edge slowly three times, eating his precum that was dripping from the tip of his cock.
After 3 hours: Hands Free Cum

Then he looked at me, his eyes sparkly and  leaned back on his arms behind his back with hands flat on the floor. His eyes were saying take me, but let me cum please, let me jack off,  Instead I made him rock on his butt towards the dumbbell and then away...with this his cock waved from the tension on his balls..."Again Slut!" I said and his cock pulled away from his body as he stretched his balls, Again, Again, Again and then it happened... he shot hands free in a massive blast of cum into the air!

Boi Collapsed After Earth Shaking Cum

--Master for Slave Jared

He collapsed forward and just laid there breathing hard and finally feeling pleasure from pleasing his master and from his well deserved climax...."good boi" I told him and left him there on the floor panting.


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  2. I lost contact with Master J about a year ago and have mental break downs because I haven't been able to contact him. However today I found his blog again and am crying with joy. I hope you see this Sir and allow me to talk to you again. I love you. <3

  3. Sir, if you're reading this, please email me I really really need to talk to you Sir


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  5. Sir....would You use me this way?
    skyp is slave4life.
    i hope so, Sir.
    thank You.

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