Friday, December 26, 2014

Slaves Come In All Sizes and Shapes, But What Master Wants is 150% Submission and Obedeince

Do I need More Muscle For Master?
Do I Need to Lose Weight For Master?

Slaves often asked me: "How do I look? Am I attractive to you? Should I workout at the gym?" The truth is the first impression is almost always superficial, "eye candy" does stir this master's cock.

 But with this master that
 eye candy quickly fades away to focus on the slaves true submissive nature and willingness to please this master, in spite of bondage, punishment, constant edging, humiliation and hard work outs without being allowed to cum for weeks 


You made me cum, you deserve my seed.
A Good Slave Only Focuses on His Master
                                                                                                                                                                                                         To be a slave, a true slave, the passive boi must strongly desire to please his master...this master can see it in his very nature and in his eyes and the constant longing he has to give me more and more, no matter what.


I am going to explain this in the simplest terms I can to you boy… you are just a hole to me… emotionally, I don’t  care how much you have to suffer for my enjoyment… you don’t get a choice or have a voice in anything that happens to you from this point forward in your life… when I am done using you… you will be transferred to another man I know that is even worse than I am… so just accept the reality that the life you had is over… and that is NOT going to change for you in the future.
I am Yours Master ALL OF ME
The final resting point, the ultimate point a slave can reach is to allow himself to be emotionally and physically broken by his master. This final point for the slave and the master is the ultimate gift a boi can give to his owner.

This point of being broken is hard to describe for slaves or masters who have not actually been it is rare. It is where and when the slave has been worked,  played with for hours and hours without relief, he is exhausted mentally and  physically.. and he reaches the point of no return and all he can say and do is the whisper to his master, "master I am yours totally, take me and do with me what you wish, as I am only yours I want or need no other and I love you forever."