Friday, September 4, 2015

Slave when he was a Freshman

Over the past two days, Master has trained a slave he has had for over 4 years. I first met Jared when he was just beginning University.

Good Puppy

For the first year he loved puppy play, and was a very enthusiastic
puppy indeed.

He has never posted to the blog, because it "wasn't his thing", plus he is a very private person and does not want his picture splashed all over the internet. Master has always respected his wishes and never, even once taken a picture of this boi (so you are seeing guys that represent him). Please note that the slaves write their on posts, with the exception of this one, and they post pictures as they wish, I never do, nor keep any photos of my slaves..

Yoga Workout

He recently graduated University and is living at home and is working a part time job in his field....which gives him sometime when the house is empty to play. Jared is a strikingly handsome
slave boi, He works out daily for hours  at a time and is very careful of his body. He has great control
of both his muscles and his cuming, as he is really a yoga boi who works out.

He has had a bf off and on during college , but currently is single and very horny. WOOF! WOOF!

Yesterday, (Day One) he begged me to train him as he had not cum for days and wanted to submit totally to my needs, and since I had missed him I agreed. Jared has a lean but well defined body, with nice pecs and fantastic laterals and very good abs. He is very limber from yoga and can contort his naked body and can do a handstand on demand or curl his body over his head so I can make him piss or cum right in his open mouth.

Forced Naked  Workout

I often will make him do forced workouts completely he has a full gym at home and free weights and jogging platform. I make him sweat and bounce his cock and balls by turning the machine's speed up. I know that he loves being naked for me and wants to be pushed to safe point of non-injury, he wants his muscles to burn, but be hurt. When he was 19 I used to make him do one handed pushups and he was amazing, but one night he pulled his shoulder, so we dialed back the risky stuff. His body is important to him and he respects it and protects it....but still loves to be pushed and pushed and pushed, until he almost collapses. Making him run full out on an inclined treadmill is awesome with his semi hard cock bouncing around and leaking precum.

Recently, he was in his bright blue pouch jock, obviously hard with his ass totally exposed, when we started to train. His body had a light glow from sweat and his chest hair had grown back, and was sexy for me. We started with 25 slaps to each pec, making sure he hit the nipples, which soon became erect. The we moved to push ups with perfect form and crunches for his abs. The glow turned to glistening moisture and a deep smile on his face.

Work Out Hard On

Next he was made to make a fist and punch his pecs harder and harder and then flex and do it this time his cock was trying to escape the confines of his jock,
so I made him take it off.

At the point his cock stood straight up arced  towards his belly button, looking like it might burst.

He obviously had been edging all day, eating his precum and was almost out of mental and physical control...but he is very disciplined and did not cum although it was obvious to his master he was on the ragged edge of losing control and climbing the walls with desire.

Balls Tied to Dumbbell and Made to Jerk Hard
I made him crawl to the entry hall of his parents house and tie his balls with a cord to his heaviest dumbbell and get on his knees. I made him back up until the cord around his balls was tight and the dumbbell was not moving, pulling his cock away from his abs.  The skin of his ball sack was now totally smooth and shinny with the veins raised up. He had to rock hard so his balls were jerked each time.  Then one hand was untied and I made him edge slowly three times, eating his precum that was dripping from the tip of his cock.
After 3 hours: Hands Free Cum

Then he looked at me, his eyes sparkly and  leaned back on his arms behind his back with hands flat on the floor. His eyes were saying take me, but let me cum please, let me jack off,  Instead I made him rock on his butt towards the dumbbell and then away...with this his cock waved from the tension on his balls..."Again Slut!" I said and his cock pulled away from his body as he stretched his balls, Again, Again, Again and then it happened... he shot hands free in a massive blast of cum into the air!

Boi Collapsed After Earth Shaking Cum

--Master for Slave Jared

He collapsed forward and just laid there breathing hard and finally feeling pleasure from pleasing his master and from his well deserved climax...."good boi" I told him and left him there on the floor panting.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Master's Blog Policy for Slaves

Master and  Hair  Last Summer

I have received multiple inquires as to what happened to my most recent slave and his posts?  It was a question of concern, disappointment, and curiosity.

From my perspective, he tried hard and was really a very competent slave who wanted more and more harder training, each time. His manner and personality was non emotional and protective and he did not have a visible desire to connect emotionally  with his master, but was very very obedient, except for lack of cum control.

This slave whose chosen name was skeptical  slave was trained 2 times by master and reported on those sessions, as well as his own punishment he did in advance of a third session because he came without his master permission. His post, this last post, received high views from readers as it was the first video post ever made to the blog and hit was most certainly very erotic and amazing for most.

Then poof! the posts were gone, removed forever. My policy on slave posts is that NO slave is required to make one. But if they make and post one it has to be factual, their own writing, and they can write whatever they wish consistent with google rules.  They can post pictures to illustrate their post, which can be from the web or ones of themselves, but I recommend that they do not show their face to protect their future employment and in case they run for President.  For non-English speakers I do offer to edit them, but not change their content and they have to approve any changes.

In addition, since the slaves posts belong to them, the creators, they have the right to access and delete their blog postings any time they wish. I have not talked to skeptical slave as he has not responded to my im on Skype and I have now deleted him.  I also never keep a slave who is unwilling to be in my care and training.

OOPS! I Just Meant To Jerk
I Should Not of Bought This One: Too Big

I did not delete him or kick him out for reasons of performance or his cumming without permission.

The last I heard from him he was  returning on the train from city center after buying, as instructed, his first dildo, as he held the box proudly on his lap and took a picture for his then master.

So, unless he posts again, we will never know if it was one of the following: 1) on line was not working for him 2) his bf had returned; he felt guilty, and all this was just investigation anyways 3) he felt guilty after obeying 4) after being used to cumming  at least 2 times a day, it was just too hard to obey.

So skeptical slave, I hope you are safe, well and content wherever you are.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

New sub boi Learns How to Please Master

Hi! I am Master's new sub boi.

 I met him on recon and read this blog and particularly his last post about not really caring about the shape of his slaves, but really caring about their submissiveness.  I thought: unhuh, sure you do?

Super Submissive

But,  I decided to put that to the test, as my body type is a lot more like the chunky guy or cub shown in his post on the right...but I am super submissive in word and deed.  Much to my surprise, after inspecting me and chatting with me, he asked me if I wanted to be his boi and we started (and besides I am now going to the gym).

I never would have of  thought that I would feel complete like I do now. For, being Masters new sub slave has given me a sense of completion, passion and adoration. When Sir first used me I did not know what to expect or how to feel. I am glad I acceppted his invitation to own me as now I am being explored by him like no one else ever has. Not only is Sir rough and hard, but caring and passionate. He looks after me and cares about me, but still uses me hard...very hard for me.

With each training session Sir explores more and more of me. Pushing my limits and getting me to try things that I did not think I would be able to handle.  It is hard to describe how happy it makes me to obey and do as I'm told - if I am struggling to perform something Sir will always give me encouragement and that makes me want to do what he tells me to more. If I do it right and as told I will always be rewarded with good words which fills me with joy. My heart soars when he says "Good Boi".

ACCEPTANCE with what it is, what is going to be, and ultimately that it thought it could be anything else… is how boys come to accept the reality of their lives and submit to the men that deserve their service… the reality is always a difficult one to accept.LEARN YOUR PLACE - ACCEPT WHAT YOU ARE - EXIST TO SERVE
 Awaiting Master's Next Torture

I am never allowed to cum unless told to, as my cum is now Sir's property. When we first started I did disobey him once and of course I  told him as I could never lie to him. I was punished and I did deserve it - Sir gave me a clear reminder of who I am, and I exist as his slave to obey,serve and to give HIM pleasure.  It is really clear that our relationship we have is also all about trust.

To write this and expose my thoughts and feelings to people I do not know and will likely never met, is scary for me, but here goes....I have a lot to say but not sure how to express it. For starters, I thought I would share with you the things that Sir has done to me so far:


Exactly what a boy needs, but make sure he knows WHY he’s getting the belt and make him promise to never do it again.   Make him thank you when you are done strapping his faggot ass too !

Remind your Object frequently why it even exists in the first place. 
The Belt to My Butt
- Edging, always edging
- Tying my balls tight and smacking them and whipping them with a belt
- My nipples have had pegs on them and whipped hard with a belt (Master taught me of new intense sensations I did not think I had with my nipples)
- Wax dripping on my balls and nipples
- Peg on the bottom side of my cock head
- Belt choking
-Whipping my butt with belt until it is red and hot to touch
- Cumming on command
- Cum denial and denial and denial longer and longer (OMG I will explode)!

When I did disobey Master, I immediately felt ashamed. Before he would forgive me he made me tie a shoe to hang from balls while I cleaned the house for the next hour and  then made me get on my knees to lick the bathroom clean - ending by placing my head in the toilet under the water and flushing. This is what I deserved and truly taught me my place.  I now long to always be in my place when I am with him.
Yes! It WILL!
A Willing Boi
My heart sinks when I disappoint  him and soars when I please him. I hope I evolve and learn to be a better and better slave over time...but for now it just feels "right" and perhaps a little scary, 'cause I do not know where he will take me next.
Master is hard and tough and demands obedience, however he is sensual and caring. I kiss Sir often and love our hugs, chats and cuddle time after I serve him.

I am ready to explore more and be there when needed. I am learning and I have made a couple of mistakes, which have disappointed Sir.  He demands much, but so far no more than I can give.

--new sub boi

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