Thursday, July 9, 2015

Master's Blog Policy for Slaves

Master and  Hair  Last Summer

I have received multiple inquires as to what happened to my most recent slave and his posts?  It was a question of concern, disappointment, and curiosity.

From my perspective, he tried hard and was really a very competent slave who wanted more and more harder training, each time. His manner and personality was non emotional and protective and he did not have a visible desire to connect emotionally  with his master, but was very very obedient, except for lack of cum control.

This slave whose chosen name was skeptical  slave was trained 2 times by master and reported on those sessions, as well as his own punishment he did in advance of a third session because he came without his master permission. His post, this last post, received high views from readers as it was the first video post ever made to the blog and hit was most certainly very erotic and amazing for most.

Then poof! the posts were gone, removed forever. My policy on slave posts is that NO slave is required to make one. But if they make and post one it has to be factual, their own writing, and they can write whatever they wish consistent with google rules.  They can post pictures to illustrate their post, which can be from the web or ones of themselves, but I recommend that they do not show their face to protect their future employment and in case they run for President.  For non-English speakers I do offer to edit them, but not change their content and they have to approve any changes.

In addition, since the slaves posts belong to them, the creators, they have the right to access and delete their blog postings any time they wish. I have not talked to skeptical slave as he has not responded to my im on Skype and I have now deleted him.  I also never keep a slave who is unwilling to be in my care and training.

OOPS! I Just Meant To Jerk
I Should Not of Bought This One: Too Big

I did not delete him or kick him out for reasons of performance or his cumming without permission.

The last I heard from him he was  returning on the train from city center after buying, as instructed, his first dildo, as he held the box proudly on his lap and took a picture for his then master.

So, unless he posts again, we will never know if it was one of the following: 1) on line was not working for him 2) his bf had returned; he felt guilty, and all this was just investigation anyways 3) he felt guilty after obeying 4) after being used to cumming  at least 2 times a day, it was just too hard to obey.

So skeptical slave, I hope you are safe, well and content wherever you are.



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