Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Drives The Submissive Boi?

A  Willful Submissive Boi

It is interesting to understand what drives a submissive boy. By understanding their needs and feelings a master or partner can much better control them and/or be the one that consistently fulfills their needs, which are both sexual and emotional.  Another point to be made is that submissiveness is not limited to homosexuals, it is equally distributed in the heterosexual population.

Str8 males can be submissive sexually as well in their relationships with females....with the outcome being a mistress and her slave.  Some str8males, who consider themselves to NOT be gay, also venture into being a slave for a male master.  The few "str8" males I have trained are more like bi males, who eventually decide to be one or the other sexually as their sex drive decreases with age, and their sexuality is more emotionally based, rather than performance sex. The "Str8" slave, wants to be forced and punished (as homosexual sex is wrong), and punishment is key to his sexual release.

Submissive in Humiliation Training

But back to the gay submissive, he is driven by the overwhelming desire and need to please another male with everything that they do.  In the extreme examples, normal things become sexual needs.  For example, the extreme submissive may desire or need that the master chose their clothes to wear, what they eat, where they sleep, the more control the better for them.  More usually, submissives limit what control they need to be sexually and emotionally satisfied.  In that way it is like a fetish, in regard to what they need controlled and this can vary over time, just like fetishes....but rarely does the submissive stop needing  to please the master or his partner...this is his driving force.

The best slaves are those that recognize they are 100% passive, those that are 50-50, versatile or switch can be good slaves for the limited times they are feeling submissive.  I seldom take slaves who are 50-50, as eventually they switch to needing to be dominate, which does not work for me.

A submissive slave will feel emotionally the following:
  • A strong need to obey a master
  • A strong drive to please a master, to make him happy
  • The need to be humiliated , as this is very erotic for them 
  • A huge void if they feel they have not pleased their master
  • They are only happy and content, if they know their master is happy
  • A constant worry that their master is not pleased with them
  • When convinced that they have finally pleased their master, then and only then, will they feel whole and complete and worthwhile and satisfied emotionally and sexually.
  • The next day, they start over concerned about pleasing their master....this never ever stops.
The submissive has a strong emotional need for love from his master, which is not always forthcoming from some masters, who just want to torment and sexually abuse their slave.  In my view this is not a healthy relationship for a slave to be in. So I caution slaves to be careful who they choose as their master.  In my view there is nothing unhealthy about a loving/caring dom and sub relationship, even if at times punishment and pain is experienced by the slave.

A Sub Boi Enjoying Torment
As a submissive boi grows into a better and better slave he will learn how to please his master more and more...this being increasingly submissive. This is at first is expressed as humiliation and then grows into punishment.  In regard to punishment, this means that he will crave more and more punishment to prove his love for his master and to please him more and more...and he is delighted when he knows he is making his master cum by his sacrifices.
Thus a boi will journey from just cum control to spanking, to whipping, to hot wax, from 2 pegs to 24 pegs, etc  growing and changing his limits over time....all to please.  He will become rock hard while training, as it is now very sexually exciting for him.

A good master will always work and act to protect his slave from harm and permanent damage, he will establish on his own "hard limits" a box that he will never venture beyond, even if his boi now wants to go over the limits. In this way the master acts responsibility even if it would be mutually consenting harder punishment.


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  1. i just stumbled on your blog and you to me look as sane person who cares about guys that are forgive me for lack of better word "with you " sure they gave themselves to you but you let them have other aspects of life collage friends family i was approached by guy but he wasnt like you he wanted total control no ambition no life outside him and to me that was sing to cut conntact.