Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wedgie Boi's Training

Hello everyone I'm Wedgie boi.

 I met my Master on recon. He messaged me and asked if I was interested in being his new online slave. I've always wanted to try it, so I accepted.

We started talking just to get a feel for each other and we got along pretty well, although he wasn't too happy about my community college and my lack of plans for transferring to a 4 year one. Much to my surprise, after learning my major and my interests, he soon found a 4 year school that looks like it has an excellent program for me.  I am planning to visit before the summer is out and see what is possible.  It seems weird that a slave master would give a crap about my school and education?

Well back to the sex slave part. He first trained me when others were around and made me rub my cock through my pants, even when they were in the same room!  Then he ordered me to a bathroom, had me lock the door and made me strip naked.  My body hair is natural and to my surprise he likes me just as I am.

By then my cock was sticking straight out and dripping precum,  and he continued to edge me over and over, but made me hold my cum.....I was going crazy.  Then he dressed me and sent me out of the bathroom to my friends, but not allowing me to get off (having me flush the toilet so others would not wonder).

  Ha! My pants were tenting like crazy, so I quickly sat down and put a jacket on my lap. It is strange, although I could cheat and cum without permission, I would feel so bad and tell him anyways....so I really try hard to obey...only one fuck up so far...and I could not talk to my master for 24 hours...that was my punishment...and it was just horrible and an empty feeling.  I hated disappointing him.

One day I asked him how he felt about wedgies and he said loved them which I was happy to hear because I love them as well.
A Hard Self Wedgie
Wedgie Jack

So master started giving me wedgies during my training. He would make me give myself the biggest wedgie I could give myself and jack to edge multiple times.

One early morning at like 4 am, he ordered me to steal my roommate's undies and wedgie myself with those. I quietly creped into his room while he was asleep in his bed and grabbed  a pair he had tossed on the floor...even though this was the most risky thing I have done, when I talk to Master I feel safe because he actually cares about me.

Start of Wedgie in Roommate's Boxers
The Full Wedgie

He gets me so horny I will almost do anything to cum.  He does respect our agreed limits, as long as he knows them.  Last session while I was wedging myself in my roommate's blue undies, he asked if I wanted to cum (dah).

 I said yes and omg, he said fine jack your cock in the undies and cum in them, and before I reach a count of 10. Well you know what happened ...I came like at 5 and a huge load of sticky smelly cum in my roomie's underwear.  As soon as I had done it, I felt bad, like I had crossed over a line with my roommate's stuff.  Although I had smelled his shorts before and jacked off, I had never ever even thought about that...my master is creative for sure.  But we agreed I could make it a limit in the future.

He saw I was worried about it, and then he said "Well boi, I was going to have you put the wet cum soaked shorts back in his room in his underwear drawer, but I can see you are scared to death, so you may wash them instead, before you put them back". 

Later that night after my master was gone, I placed the cum underwear against my face and edged myself hard again, then fell asleep.  What will he make me do next?

--boi wedgie

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