Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boi Blake's Grateful Heart

It had been some time since I received training from Master, but it was for the best, for he knows best in regard to me and where I am in my heart and head. He always maintains knowledge of my days and weeks, my life and understands where my slave mind and body are.

So, it's difficult for me to begin to write this post. My heart longs for my master, and I want to be with him every day. He is amazing, awesome, kind; yet demanding and strict. He knows what I need, how I need it and when I need it; but I still crave him every single day.

My training night finally arrived after a day when Master ordered me to a store to buy "pegs." I of course was told what to wear: a revealing cut off sleeve muscle white t-shirt, work-out shorts (with no underwear: free balling as he calls it), and flip-flops. Under my muscle shirt was "SLUT" written in bright red felt pen....and I felt it burning into my chest.

The shopping so exposed was so erotic and nerve racking for me, I was leaking precum the entire time, but I did all I was ordered to do.

Edging with Combat Boot

Training began with edging multiple times, then rubbing my chest and nipples, then my hard cock with my combat boot! I had to eat my precum, which just kept churning from my cockhead.

This was then followed by an order to tie the boot to my balls, edging more, swinging the boot higher and higher until Master could finally see the sole at the top of its arc.  He then edged me more, then pegged my nipples, and more edging, as a stream of precum made its way from my cock to the floor. The boot was finally ordered off my balls.

Then, I was ordered to lean against the door with my ass out for master to see as I used my leather belt 100 times to whip my ass hard. He loves for my white butt to be bright red. Then he made me edge as I rubbed my hot red ass.

Yes there was no doubt....Master knew how I desire him and how I need his training.

My Slave Dildo

Then almost as a reward, his training ended with him making me  pound my ass with a huge dildo he made me buy; by squatting over it and lowering myself down and then riding it up and down....harder and harder...faster and faster....on and on....until he allowed me to cum into my hand.

He then ordered me to eat my cum, (something I have only recently learned to be able to do) and this time I gladly slurped it from my hand and swallowed all of it. Then lick with my slave tongue, the little that had not gotten into my mouth.

 I am so happy, proud and excited that I am Master's boi, slave, cunt, bitch and piss boi (more about being a piss boi later). I was totally spent and exhausted and he suggested I write a post while sitting on my slave cock....which I happily did, oh, and yes my ass is still sore, but I feel great.

Thank you Sir.
I love you Sir.
Boi Blake

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