Thursday, June 13, 2013

Master's Bois and Their Achievement of Life Goals

In one of my very early posts I indicated that to be my slave, the slave had to be comfortable with this master's involvement in his entire life, not just sexual slavery. To be clear, this master does not order slave to take certain life actions in his life, but discusses his capabilities, interests and helps him develop alternatives to where he is now.  Then the slaves decides for himself what to do and he himself is responsible for the outcomes.  Although, very erotic, keeping a slave helpless naked 24/7 in a cage to only serve his master's sexual needs, it isn't what I am about.

One of the things that some masters and slaves find different about this master, is his insistence that each slave set goals relative to their abilities and then achieve them.  This master makes it clear that to truly make this master happy, it is not enough to be a good sexual slave, but to achieve in life. 

I encourage, berate, kick butt, and provide priorities to be sure that every one of my slaves has goals and works hard to achieve them.  These are not simple easy goals...they are always increasing and as the slave achieves them, his self respect, confidence and self esteem grows as does his ability to live and contribute to those around him.  This master dismisses slaves who are not serious about this aspect of their lives in spite of how exciting and sexy they may be to master. 

A good example, is a 19 year old boi who loves submission and punishment and was wild sexually, but he didn't go to class, couldn't keep a job, and was just totally immature and misdirected.  Poof !he was dismissed....he tried to come back 3 times and was rejected each time, as promises mean little in this case, it is the result of changed behavior.

Here are some examples of my current slaves goals and I can say they are all making progress and master is proud of each of them:
  • University drop out when master met him, he applied to School of Nursing, graduated, became an operating room nurse, got his masters, has a new job at one the leading specialized hospitals in the US.
  • Canadian University student with average grades far below his ability, as he became totally consumed with being submissive and sex to the point of missing classes, and not studying for exams.  In short he became obsessed with sex. Master and he set higher goals and priorities and consequently he learned self control, changed his life, did all his papers on time, went to every class, studied for every exam and has brought his cumulated grade point up to the top 10% in his school.
  • A boi who went to University his first year and got so poor grades that his family refused to pay for a second year, which would be near repeat.  He had too much freedom and no self control....he returned to live at home a failure with few prospects when master met him.  He now is going to a local 2 year state college getting very good grades and planning to transfer to a 4 year university next year.  He is working, studying and running a local theatre company this summer.
  • A boi who is undertaking a very, very difficult professional engineering degree in Europe, that requires not only very good grades in University but multiple  country level exams before he is licensed to practice. I think that actually this boi is capable of doing all this on his own, but as his master I make sure that his slave training does not ever interfere with his life goals.  It is a promise and commitment I made to him and continue to honor, no matter how sexy he is.  He recently passed with high marks all his "federal" exams, with one remaining.....and he knows without a question that his master is very, very proud of him.
  • and so it goes and will go....those slaves who are not serious about life....should look elsewhere for a master.


  1. Sir,
    Thank you for those words about a slaves life beyond the sexual aspects. You wrote an example of me and I am so honored that I am a slave you motivated to reach potential I did not know I had within myself. You will always be my master and I will forever be your slave. Thank you Sir.
    Boi Blake

  2. Sir,

    Just wanted Sir to know this pup just spent the past couple of hours reading Sir's blog. (Pup still has much left to read) Thank you Sir for publishing such as site and to you bois for contributing. Pup has gained much insight from its readings so far, and the site has given pup many things to reflect on as pup goes on his journey to becoming a good submissive bondage pup. Masters like Sir that provide information in public like this provides a means for those who wish to serve, to better ourselves. For this Sir pup is grateful.

    Pup :3