Monday, November 4, 2013

Fag Pad Boi Meets His Match ?


Sir, I bend over on all-fours for you. I will workout hard to grow my muscle, to bulge, to please you, Sir! I will sink deeper and become your completely submissive jockboy, Sir!
Very good jockboy, you look so SEXY when you submit your muscles to my training.

Slave Choked
The first time he made me choke myself with my belt and beat my balls senseless, then he allowed me to cum only while Ii was torturing my nipples.  Damn they hurt for days, but I had no chance to forget I was now owned.

Master and I have only been chatting  for a few weeks now...but it has been exhilarating.

He has me on cum control and I can only cum when I am on cam with him, period and just cause I serve him on cam does not mean I get to cum each time. So what does he do to me? We have cammed three times now and these are examples of his training of me.

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Piss Slave Now!
Later that week he forced me to drink lots of water and then order me to pee on myself. But I got nervous and just couldn't will it to that I had to piss in a glass and then pour it all over me while I was edged over and over. I even washed my hair with it and drank it.

I was so ashamed of not being able to please him by pissing directly into my face and open mouth, but he let me cum anyways and  then lick it off the bathroom floor. I loved it.

The harder you struggle, the harder you get, pledge!!!
Yank Harder Boi!
The next time he had me torture my balls with a dog's choke collar chain that I pulled back between my ass crack and then repeatedly yank on it stretching my balls. The first time I put the chain on I put it on my cock and balls then asked if I did it right.

I hadn't, he had said to put it around my balls and not cock and balls. So he made me bitch slap myself 20 times until I set it up right.
I'm such a bad boy, master is working hard  trying to train me well. Of course I never yanked hard enough for master but I did the best I could. After about 25 yanks and edging, with my heart racing, my stomach heaving and my cock dripping precum, I almost passed out from the pain and pleasure.

Bitch Slapped
I am just a bad boy. Then he made me bitch slap myself 40 times as I stopped without permission until my face was red and throbbing. Finally as a reward for taking hard punishment without complaining or hesitation, he let me fuck my boy cunt with the handle of a hammer. He made me ride it up and down, bouncing on it, so fast and hard.

It was the deepest anything has been inside of me. I started riding it so hard I was about to cum so I asked permission to do so and he said yes! I filled with excitement as I jacked off and then erupted a fountain of cum all over my bed. He ordered me to then lick it up and I did with joy and a sense of wholeness. He is tough, strict and hard but...I love the way he treats me.



  1. dammm lovet if any time need a slave into heavy cock balls pain letme know

  2. Trying to remember what porn that last image is from with the lad hanging from the roof using his ass. Hot blog as always makes me horny