Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Rough Week With My Horny Master

He Loves For His Boots to Be Near My Junk
This boi has had a rough week with sir. Oh my god. I love the way he treats me, its really awesome. Yesterday he had me tie my Dr. Marten boots to my balls. I have never been in so much pain. It made sir go crazy.

When I finally collapsed he didn't want me to stop there; so he beat my balls senseless for another about twenty minutes. He slapped them first, then he punched them.

He made me go to edge so many times that I could feel my hot jizz wanting to burst from the base of my cock. He told me I could cum if i did it in three minutes, but my balls hurt so much from spanking them I couldn't handle it. Sir loved that.

He is in control of when I cum. In one session, he had me beat my ass red with a belt while I was standing up on my bed. He had me double it up and slap my ass until it was REDHOT. Then he had me unwind the belt and told me to swing it between my legs. I was so excited to please him and engorged with passion that I didn't think about where it would balls!

 It hurt so much I just dropped like a lead weight to the ground. Not for long though, I wanna please sir. Then he had me whip the belt around my body to get some momentum going on it so it would leave some nice marks. He had me slap my hole some too.

 He doesn't like that my hole was hairy... so guess what, I just shaved it today :)... now my balls are hairless and so is my asshole. Like a  clean plate sir would eat from for dinner. My heart jumped when he said it looked delectable.

Today he told me that he isn't going to let me cum until monday. Which is the longest I have ever gone. He told me if I was going to be a really good slave, I would have to stop being selfish by whining to cum whenever I want. I really wanna make it. It would make sir so happy to see the cum on Monday, as there would be so much! I would get to eat it too. yum!
I ordered a string of anal beads that Sir picked out. Im really excited to get them in me and then have sir pull them out, one by one, making little popping noises :)
Get Your Ass Out Boi
Holes Ready For Sir

Till next time pervs, I have a date with a hammer in a few minutes.

-Boi Fag Pad


  1. Boi Fag Pad is an unusual submissive boi, he loves the concept of painful submission, and really wants it and yes, even needs it and pushes himself to take it in spite of him not being a masochist. It is all based on his intense desire to please his master. Boi is unhappy and lonely and feels unwanted unless he can please his master and not just please but totally please.

    He himself loves anal sex, as he loves the physical closeness and contact with his dom...he pushes himself to wild sexual highs, then collapses and drifts into a quiet, very quiet cuddle boi.

    Most blog readers read and focus on the highly sexual charged postings from the slaves, but remember that sexuality is only part of anyone's make up, and does not define them. This boi, for example, is highly intelligent, is in the top 5% academically in his university and extraordinarily self sufficient and independent.

    We are all made up of many parts...and again for those slaves that are shocked by the intensity of his training, remember that this master treats each slave different according to their desires and needs as well as his own. Everything is mutual or it does not happen!

  2. Thank you for your post Boi Fag Pad.

    I remember the first time master had me tie boots to my balls; nervousness yet exhilaration. Swinging the boots between my legs causing the tug on the balls and an interesting pain never experienced before.

    Your post is arousing and shows your commitment to Sir. Continue your commitment to Sir and your service to him. Thanks again for sharing.

    Boi Blake