Saturday, December 7, 2013

boi Music's First Week With Master

For many years now, I have imagined what it would be like to be in a Master/slave relationship.  I would cruise Recon with  almost rabid hunger and browse the profiles of all of the dominant men who wanted a submissive boy to own. 

 It wasn’t until last week that I built up the courage to create a profile of my own and see what was out there.  Little did I know that within 24 hours of creating the profile, I would be owned by the most wonderful Master on Earth.

After I agreed to a relationship with Master, we quickly began training.  In my first session, Master began by simply talking to me and asking me about life.  I love how invested Master is in the lives of each of his slaves.  I’m a senior in college and I’m an aspiring performer.  Master constantly gives me encouragement and words of advice that I take to heart every day. 

Black Slave boi #2
Master told me that I am only his second black slave, which made this boi very excited!

Once Master was done getting to know me, my training began.  Master had me stand up and begin to get dressed for church.  I felt a rush of excitement stripping in front of the web camera!  My cock was rock hard as Master told me to tweak my nipples.  “Work them boi,” he said.  God, I’d never felt such pleasure from pain before!  He then had me begin to jack to the edge, squeeze my nipples, and squeeze my balls. 

I thought I was gonna lose it right there, but I stopped before I could cum.  Master then had me make a big fist with both of my hands and had me raise them above my head and swing down.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d like smashing my balls, but my cock stayed rock hard.  It gave me a sensation I had never experienced before!  It hurt, but the pleasure that I knew it gave Master made the pain more bearable.

Then Master had me continue getting dressed.  I wasn’t planning on wearing a tie, but Master told me to put one on anyway, in honor of him.  It was so hot wearing the tie to church, knowing that the only reason I was wearing it was because of my Master.  That moment showed me how truly submissive I am.  I could have taken the tie off as soon as I got off of webcam with Master, but I didn’t.  It was that moment that I knew that Master owned me, completely and totally.

The next day (Monday), Master laid down some ground rules.  boi is not allowed to cum without his  permission.  This has been difficult for boi, since boi used to cum between 2 to 4 times a day.  He also told me that school and work come first, then friends and family, then Master/slave. 

It made me feel safe that my Master put my education and friends and family above our relationship.  Not many Masters out there would/do!  After talking some more, we began 30 straight minutes of training.  First, Master had me pinch my nipples with my fingernails, causing a pain that felt sharp, but oh so stimulating.  Then he had me bitch slap myself and whip my chest with a belt. 

 In between, Master commanded me to jack to the edge without cumming.  Master made boi slap my balls ten times, which drove me wild!  He then had me sniff my smelly sneaker and hit myself another ten times in the balls with it, and rub my cock along the bottom of the sneaker. 

 Master is DEFINITELY solidifying the fact that I have a foot fetish!  Then Master had me take my belt and fold it in half, so I could snap it.  Master ordered me to put my cock in the middle of it and snap the belt 25 times, then jack to edge.  All this time, I didn’t cum once!  I was so proud and so was Master!

The next day (Tuesday), I tried edging by myself and accidentally came.  I was so ashamed.  I told Master that night and he was very disappointed.  He made me sit naked on my knees in a corner with my hands behind my head for ten minutes.  It felt like eternity!  Master was very forgiving of boi for boi’s first offense. 

Master then had boi write a poem on the spot.  This is what I came up with:

My Master is the reason my life is filled with happiness
Without my Master, my life is filled with blackness
Before my Master, I was just a lost boi
Now with my Master, I am a boi filled with joy
I will live to please my Master and do just what he commands
No matter how harsh or tough the demand
I love my Master, and my Master loves me
Together we make beautiful harmony

Over the next few days, Master had me do a series of things including (but not limited to) squeezing and pulling my balls and slapping them, suck  my toes hard and long, eat any cum I’m allowed to produce, write “OWNED SLAVE” and “I SING FOR MASTER” on my chest, finger my hole, dry hump the bed and floor, forced workouts, spank my ass, and has allowed me to cum twice because he his such a generous Master.  Then he sent me to the store to buy wood clothes pins/pegs.

Master loves goals: grades, days on cum control, and yes physical fitness. Consequently, he has me on a forced workout routine with pushups, sit ups and jumping jacks and has ordered me to the gym right after finals.  He orders: "strip naked slave, time for work out". I obey, and there I am totally exposed doing pushups until I collapse. He makes me hump the floor for his entertainment  and to give a bit of encouragement.

boi Music Goal

This guy is my body goal....but even if I get half way there I think master will be pleased.

Take Me Master, I Am Yours
Yesterday we began training with  the wooden pegs.  It hurt, but after a few deep breaths and focusing on pleasing Master, the pain became more bearable.  Master made me jack to the edge with a train of pegs swinging from my nipples.  The sensation overwhelmed me, however, and damn  I came without permission!  Master punished me by making me bitch slap myself twenty times.  Master understood, however, that this was boi’s first time using pegs, so there was more to think about.  boi loved working with the pegs and can’t wait to do more with them! 

So much has happened in one week alone.  My life has a sense of completeness now.   I love Master and will do anything to please him.   It’s more than sexual.  Master is a person who cares about me and loves me like very few people have.  I feel that with Master’s training I will learn to be a very loving submissive boyfriend to a man closer to my age one day. 

Is This Next?
I Trust My Master
 I can’t wait for where my relationship with Master will take me and what he will do with me next!

PS: Would any of Master’s other slaves be interested in chatting some time? I’d love to talk with other subs about their experiences! J  Here is boi's email:

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