Monday, December 30, 2013

boi Music Learns Control

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This boi can't believe that he has been owned by Master for over a month now! What started out as a bit of curiosity has turned into something MUCH more.

Now, if I go a day without training with Master, I feel incomplete. It's been hard being at home for the holidays, because I am not able to train with Master as much as I am when I'm at school, but it has made me appreciate Master that much more!

 Boi's  Recent Dream

I have been dreaming about my master taking me to his basement and then inviting his friends to join in with him in training me harder and harder.  I would give my all for him.  I want him to be proud of me. I trust him completely.

Recently, I've been having difficulty controlling my cum for as long as Master wants me to. Not just in days but  Master makes me edge over and over, some times for 60 then I am just a mess, the desire to cum is so overpowering.  But I am not allowed to cum unless he tells me to: "CUM Bitch" (or something like that).  Now I love it when he calls me bitch or fag or that weird?

Most of the time, if I cum early, I just lose it. Even if I have let go of my cock and stopped jacking,  it just pumps out on its own and Master is very upset with me.  Of course, he knows how turned on I am by him and especially  when I am stimulated by something else while I am jacking to edge.

Strokin and soapin
Skarfase Inc
Boi Music Edging
He knows the thing that drives me wild is when he makes me put pegs on my nipples and then squeeze the pegs- HARD and then that is never enough, HARDER. I then just lose all control and cum right on the spot.

Master then punishes me by making me get fully naked on my knees and crawl to a corner of my room with my hands locked behind my head for at least five minutes - which sounds short, but feels like FOREVER. It gives me time to think about my shortcomings and how I can fix them. So far Master always manages to forgive me, I guess cause he loves me and knows that I am trying hard to please him.  But that is not all I can expect for punishment, the next time we train he will make me spank my balls as many times as he wants to make his point, that I have to learn control and soon!

Yesterday, boi Nathos and I had a joint session - a first for us! Master let us chat a few weeks ago and much to my surprise boi Nathos liked me and thought it would be hot for us both to be trained by master at the same time. Master agreed!

boi Music messes up--Again
For me, seeing another slave being made to do Master's bidding was so erotic it sent me crashing over the edge yet again. I was so embarrassed and ashamed. boi Nathos was so much better at holding his cum than I was. No matter what master did to him, he stayed in control of his ejaculation. But master, right in front of him, humiliated me as Master made me eat my cum and go to my corner naked and wait while he continued his session with boi Nathos.  After 5 minutes in the corner I was allowed to watch the session, but I was not allowed to even touch my cock.

I was so impressed at how well boi Nathos held his cum until Master allowed him to shoot a huge load all over the floor (then lick it up, of course!). Later that night, boi Nathos and other slaves  gave me a couple of tips how to control my urge to cum, which I am now practicing. I'm so grateful to learn from both Master and fellow slaves!

24 hours later, Master made me jack to edge over and over again to test me. He had me put my pegs on my nipples (my favorite, in case you can't tell!) and mash them repeatedly as I jacked. GOD HOW I WANTED TO CUM!!!

 But I didn't! Master then made me play with my hole as I jacked, which felt AMAZING. I almost lost it, but I kept thinking about pleasing my Master and controlled myself.  Two hours later, Master was satisfied I had finally learned and so proud of his boi!
Happy Boi, Finally I made It

That was the best feeling of all! Knowing that I pleased my Master felt better than anything in the world! I think that's what people need to understand - this is much more than something sexual.

 Being a slave to a Master is a relationship unlike any other, and until you're a slave, I don't think you'll ever fully understand what it's about. So what are you waiting for? Submit yourself ! You won't regret it!!! :)

--boi Music

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