Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Inside the Head of A master and Cautions to All Slaves


As most of my slaves know I have knowingly  been a master ever since I finished university.  Shortly after puberty I was always playing with my friends "war games" and capturing them and then doing pretend torture, which always had elements of realism.

 I didn't know that I was gay then and was in denial through High School, and didn't accept my sexuality until university , and didn't embrace bdsm as an important part of my sexuality until post university....such goes a natural progression...where it ends I do not know...might double back for all I know.  However, even as a master I still feel the power and pull of emotional love and caring, and that is a very necessary part of me.

Some might wonder how that make sense?  A masculine male who loves to torment, use and abuse submissive males, to casue them discomfort and pain, could possibly feel or express love and caring to the same slaves...but it is true; the reader might have his doubts....but just read the slaves posts and the majority, on their own accord, mention caring and love.  Perhaps, those that don't do not want the complications love and caring bring, or don't believe they deserve it and it is wrong.

I advise all my slaves to approach bdsm in the real world with caution...There are all sorts of extremes in slave/master sexual relationships...not to mention the master's that insist on unsafe anal sex and pay no attention to limits established by the slave.  Here are some guidelines when meeting some one you have never met in person before:
  • Meet them in a public place so you both can judge each other's reliability and "attractiveness/suitability"
  • Verbally reestablish limits
  • Share HIV and STD status, as well as if either has engaged in unprotected anal sex since their last test (HIV does not show up for 3 months after exposure)
  • Prior to the meeting arrange for a "safety net", by sharing with a trusted friend what you are doing and who with (name and cell phone number) and when you should be back.  The person you are meeting cell phone number is more reliable, than the name he has given you. Tell the master that you have a safety net in place....he will understand...if he doesn'
  • If he forces you to have anal sex against your will, it is rape, and should be reported at once to the police.
  • If he does not share with you that he is HIV + and you have unprotected sex and you are infected, it is a felony in most states, and should be reported to local health authorities as well as to the police. 
  • Read the slave's Bill of Rights which I posted in a very early post and be sure you and he agree on the items listed there.
  • bourgeois-pig:

you’re gonna shove this candle where Sir?
You heard me lad…

NO OPTIONS - NO WAY OUT - EXIST TO SERVE - SERVE TO EXISTNipples and balls pain, perfect for a fag
The transition to an Object is BRUTAL… once started there should be no reprieve… it is no longer regarded as a human… it has no rights… no choices… it should NEVER regain its former status… it is a thing… an Object!


"That’s not an asshole, fag. It’s a cunt. And it belongs to me."

THAT is what REAL slavery and REAL slave ownership is all about. 
    Helpless Slave Bois: Torture: Wax, TT, CBT, and BB 
  • Remember if you agreed to bondage you better trust the guy, because you will be helpless. Recognize that nothing is foolproof and totally safe, but take the best safeguards you can while meeting up with guys from recon and other meet up aps.  For me it is better to try and date, rather than hook up and slowly reveal your interest in bdsm over time.

Regardless be safe and be aware.


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  1. My master.

    I love you and trust you. You guide me and care for me everyday. You are the best master a slave such as me could have. Thank you sir.