Sunday, January 12, 2014

Boi Nathos and Boi Black Train Together!

 It is so long since I was writing last time... but yes, all this time am I slave of my master. In between my trainings I think of him often and actually crave to be trained more and more as the time in between gets longer and longer.

 It is true that we can't have frequent sessions because I am very busy right now with my diploma and I of course still have a boyfriend.  But it is not for trying! Last week I set my alarm to wake up at 3 am to train with my master and boi music, only to have Skype not work!  But, instead that week master helped with find USA technical information I need for my final engineering diploma project.  I am always amazed what he does to help me with my University work and I appreciate it.

Like it is written in boi music`s last post my last training was common with him. This was our idea, and Master agreed to give it a try...of course we wasted over an hour getting yahoo to work, as there are two versions, and only one works!


When attaching his wrists to a door is enough.

Just a thing… to be stored, kept ready and waiting for use. It simply exists at the pleasure of the Owner, Master, Trainer, or Handler.
Boi Music/Boi Black

I was interested in training with boi Music as we do not have any blacks in the town where I grew up, very few in our whole country. He and I had been chatting with master's permission for a few weeks, and I immediately liked him.

I am going to call him " boi black" in this post because he doesn't mind and his race was one of the reasons for my fascination.  We all have misconceptions about different peoples: race, sexual orientation, etc. and I thought he was going to be really hard for me to compete against.

Suh da Massa’s son he sho likes to try out all da new niggers at da plantation when he arrives back from college Suh an dis time dere is over hundred new ones fo Him yet to try Suh
boi Nathos Fucks boi Black On Command
I must be honest, I wanted to beat him in training, so master would be prouder of me...and I also wanted to push myself further and further. The night before or joint training I dreamed of being ordered by master to fuck boi black and hearing him yell at me "harder! Harder!...I did and loved it.

Suh before a nigger slave buck is allowed to be put to stud Massa’s Ranch Hands test de quality of its cock an balls fo endurance and yield until it runs dry if it perform wel it will be hooded and shackled and put to a bitch for breeding Suh
boi Black Cums without Permisson
 The joint training was amazing, although I expected more from black boi. I was surprised that he came so quick, but he was hard punished for that.  I was amazed at his huge load, as he came hands free!

Suh Massa will often entertain His friends by placing bets on a nigger slaves endurance, Massa is a good loser when His friends is dere but a nigger slave dat causes Massa to lose money gets really punished once dey is gone home Suh!!
boi Black Punished for Cumming

Sir asked me if I felt sorry for him and my answer was: "of course not"!  I do think he disappointed his master and when slave does not do what master says, he must be punished!

After Master sent him to a corner naked on his knees in his room to stare at the wall with cum dripping from his cock; my training got underway in earnest. Well for me  that training a tough one, but like black boi already said, I did it well and I am happy and very proud for this.

I am also happy that black boi saw some new elements of our master/slave relationship and even different methods of training.

I only train when my bf is not in our apt as I said in a very early post I have decided not to tell him as he would never understand, nor will he ever be a dom, but he is the one I love and we do not have actual sex without each other.  Before, we got started, he called to tell me what time he would be home, so I chatted with him, just as I normally do.

I Love My BF
 Later both black boi and master mentioned that they enjoyed seeing how happy I was just to talk to him about my day before he came home.  I guess they saw in my face and eyes how our love is so strong between my bf and myself.  I am very lucky, as most slaves do not have bf...for me it is perfect to have both.

Master varies new things with his slaves, preparing them well in advance, as he increases intensity.  He is pushing me hard now as I have been his slave for almost a year and I honestly want to experience more and more.

 I also think black boi will learn to love them as soon as he controls his cuming. Right now he gets too excited to be with his master and therefore his sessions are far to short.  When he learns cum control, he will love all the new things master teaches him.

I hope that we will have more interesting trainings together and I am very happy to know another slave of my master.

boi Nathos

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