Sunday, March 2, 2014

New boi Obeys Master for a Post Session Assignment

 I met master via recon over a month ago, but due to our time differences until recently we only had time to chat....and I must say master asks a lot of questions before he is ready to train a slave!

My assignment was given to me at the end of the very first real session with Master.  as I said, he asked me a lot of questions about things that turn me on and are erotic for me. During our chat I shared  my likes, dislikes and limits.

My "likes" list include semi-public orders which carry on some risk of being caught and a little bit of exhibitionism – both within reasonable borders. Luckily, Master is responsible enough to respect those limitations and does not require violation of privacy and legal provisions.  Master loves to turn on a boy by making him do what is "over the top" erotic for the boy and then not let him cum and keep him frustrated for days on end.

First of all Master ordered me to edge few times in a row to make me hard, horny and sexually excited. Then he told me to take my old pair of jeans that were a bit torn and weren't  really suitable to wear except for working around home.
There was two simple alterations to be obedient as his slave, which would make them MUCH  more daring to wear in public:

My Ass Showing From The Back

1. In the back, the seat of the jeans, where my tight ass is, he made me tear them up from back crotch up toward the ass, as far as rear pockets, and then cut off the extra fabric flap. This would clearly show a portion of my underwear covering my ass.

Front Hole, Where My Cock Lays and Ends When Hard

2. Then he made me cut a little hole in the front, where, when my cock is hard, the head would almost press out of the hole, and its outline surely would be visible under my underwear...and if I had a spot of precum, that might even show on the thin fabric.

I was anxious to please him, not really understanding what would come of this, and I completed his orders quickly and without hesitation.  He then had me put them on and model them, as he made me turn around to show the effects of my cutting work. as he laughed and said "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm YUMMY!"

I know he appreciated that and I was happy to fulfil his tasks properly. But then, I was very curious to know the outcome of the previous orders – final, as I assumed, semi-public task.

I was told to go for a short walk during the evening wearing the just-made jeans, but WITHOUT ANY UNDERWEAR!  As soon as I heard those words I got excited and scared...but determined not to disappoint my master.

As soon as it was possible, I went out of my flat and went for a walk on the sidewalk. After getting out from the building and walking few hundreds meters I realised it was really daring.

 I was so hard, horny and happy. I glanced down and saw my cock head trying to poke out of the hole and every 10 steps I would have to push it back in some.

Luckily, it was dark and there were few people around but going through every beam of street lights gave me a large dose of adrenaline and happiness, as I was pleasing him at last...

Despite the fact it was not really very dangerous (legally etc.), which Master always respects, it was really a good creative assignment... and I wonder what he will think up next?


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