Friday, October 10, 2014

OMG! My Master Trained Me In Front of Another Slave Hunk

Other Slave That Joined
After 3 weeks of conserving my cum, master trained me again a few nights ago. This time, he (with my ok) invited one of his other slaves to watch our session and observe my training. The other slave was my age and totally hard the whole time and was attractive and well built as well.

As you know and can see from my prior posts, I work hard on my body to be attractive to my master. He sometimes makes me do forced work outs, like chin-ups, crunches, and pushups. He pushes me to near exhaustion in order to make me a better slave and to be strong for his enjoyment.

Although it was obvious that the other slave wasn't as turned on to punishment as master has taught me to crave, he hung in there the few times my master punished him while master was making me cool down so I did not shoot hands free.

 I started my session wearing the balls-out underwear that master picked out for me.  The briefs let my balls hang out so that they have plenty of room and maximize my cum and testosterone production and are totally exposed for him to use as he wants.

Master started by having me slap my chest then beat my chest with my fists until it was bright red.  The sounds of the thuds rang in my ears and I grew harder and harder.

 Then he beat my balls with a tennis ball inside a sock. My balls were already extremely full and heavy with cum, since it had been so long since I had cum ( the 3 weeks is the longest time I have gone without ejaculating in my entire life!).

 Because of this, the ball beating actually gave me a even harder raging erection and my balls felt like they were going to burst with cum. The dull pain was hard to describe, it rose and filled me higher and higher.  First just my balls, then my lower stomach and then a bit higher, but it wasn't sharp, it was warm and unbelievably erotic, as I knew I was pleasing my master by being so obedient. By then I was dripping precum, and master made me eat it all.

Master then pegged my nipples and had me create a train (as is our custom for most sessions).  A train is like 7 pegs (clothes pins) attached one to the other from each nipple hanging down my chest.  They then pull and stretch my nipples and he makes me swing them side to side.  My nipples are erotic as well, but not as much as my balls, but it is hot.

 One time he made me do jumping jacks with them on, and I was not allowed to stop, until they all popped off.  He also likes to cover my chest with pegs and then make me arch, flex and strain until most of them pop off....and those that haven't I must hit them off with my leather belt.....then he gently has me rub my chest until I calm down, touching all the marks. I guess it sounds strange, but when he does this I feel he cares for me.....maybe even loves me and for sure is proud of me.

Boots Tied to My Balls
Then he tied two boots to my balls and had me perform pull-ups on my pull-up bar with the boots dangling from my cum-filled balls. Then I was instructed to swing the boots back and forth by thrusting my hips, which pulled my balls down. He was not satisfied until he could see the soles of my boots at the top of the arc!

While doing this he made the other slave cum....he obviously was excited by all this as he shot a huge load over his head and on his well defined chest and his cock still stayed hard! He let him continue to view me.

Next, master moved his attention to my ass and prostate, and this turned out to be the most exciting and intense sexual experience I have ever had in my life.

 He had me get 12 ice cubes from the freezer, and place them one-by-one in my ass, while edging me. After each cube, I started feeling a numbing cold sensation pressing hard against my prostate. At this point master had me take my hands off my cock and just focus on the sensations on my prostate. He had me bounce on the bed to press on my prostate. After the ice had begun to melt in my ass, master immediately inserted my aneros progasm prostate massager and had me ride it for 10 minutes on the floor, while ignoring my useless dripping dick and just allowing my prostate to do its work. The feeling was out of this world. I felt like my cock was going to explode, but I held it in, as master owns my cum.

Then master had me flip my legs over my head and unload my cum in my mouth. It was the biggest load of my life and I tried to swallow every drop but some of it sprayed on my face and chest.  Then the other slave was allowed to cum again and even though he just had cum 15 minutes before he shot another huge load on his chest. I was proud that my training had excited him so much.

This session has strengthened my love for master 10-fold...and I have become truly addicted to his teachings and commands. Nothing else gives me an erection anymore, so the next time I cum it will certainly be at his command.

Thanks for reading, and maybe even understanding how all this feels.

Muscle Boi