Thursday, April 11, 2013

Master's new slave: boi-India

For long a long time I been lingering around various master/slave websites, to find a hard master who would understand me, train me, care for me, and yet push me harder. I met some few on my journey, but none were interested in really understanding my plight. They just expected I should entertain them  on cam so they could jerk off and leave.
Many of the relations lasted a long time, including even a visit to master in the UK, but were really  misunderstandings, miscommunication, and ergo, all were spoiled and not fulfilling . That's when I decided that I needed a specific coach, cum master, sports master and sadist who could fulfill my strong masochistic desires and needs. After scrolling 60 plus  profiles over almost a week  I met Master Joe

Master Joe's personality was pleasant in our casual chat and he had THE body  which would kill everyone in the way.  Later, he sent a message "do you have skype boi?" I replied yes, but with no hopes;  but then the following discussion was overwhelming.
Master not only understood my limits , but also took me with my drawbacks, and my needs.  The same evening he ordered me to present myself to him.  From that discussion till the actual "meet" with me on webcam, there was nervousness, goose bumps, tingly feeling down the spine "have I felt too much in excitement "; and then the training session time came.

The session started. He told me to strip and present myself to master. I obeyed without hesitation. Every order after that, one after the other, I did. 
There are two major facts till now I want to share:
  • I never ever took 14 pegs on my body!( but, I did this on Day 1!)
  • I would have never been able to do even 10 pushups ( but for past 2 days we had 5 sessions together each having 25 pushups, therefore 50 pushups per day!)
Thank You Master!

I must have wanked and been edged during that first session almost 100 times, but I have yet been allowed to cum and I have been strong is my master's power over me, his slave. I love master's cum control and want it to go on and on, for as long as I can hold it...until I burst or until I please him enough to let me finally cum

Thank you Master!

--boi India

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