Monday, February 25, 2013

Boi Han's relabeling

The last time this selfish slave posted was because he disobeyed his master. I was labeled and punished for my selfish acts. The pain was so great, while also arousing.

This time, however, I had obeyed my great and forgiving master. I had asked to be trained and master agreed to this. He told me I would need pegs, a marker, a shoe lace and boot. Sadly we did not get to the boot or lace, but I am very excited and nervous for when we do.

I was ordered to get hard through my pants and take off my shirt. It did not take much time at all for my slave cock to get hard because I was so excited having a good guess at what I was going to be ordered, which I was quite wrong. Then I had to rub my greedy slave cock through my pants as I rubbed my bare chest. After that I had to place one hand behind my back and spanked my left then right pec, and after each gently rub them. I was then told to place two pegs onto my nipples, one on each, and rubbed my cock through my pants, while brushing the pegs

Next I was told to place my hands, in a big fist, above my head and strike down several times. The instant that was done I went back to stroking myself through the pants and rubbing my chest. Soon I was labeling my chest. The last time this worthless slave was labeled was as a punishment because of its selfish cock. This time it was very different. I wrote "Loved Boi" on my chest.

It was at this point I was told to take my pants off, but had to leave my shorts on. I jacked to edge in my shorts a few times.

Then I got the instruction I had been waiting for, take off my shorts. I did so quickly and had to jack to edge several more times. As I was doing this, however, I had to pull down on my balls, but could not stop jacking to edge. After edging a few times I was forced to spank my balls almost 30 times. It hurt so much but my balls yearned for more and loved every excruciating hit.

I jacked to edge again and again. But then the pain intensified and I got even harder, which surprised me as I thought I was as hard as I could be. I had to add 4 pegs to each side of my body. I had to pull them tight by stretching out then condensing my body. As I brushed the pegs more and more I jacked to edge ignoring the pain and enjoying the control I did not have.

By obeying this slave boy was rewarded by getting to add to his label. I added "And Beautiful" then had to slowly stretch and condense my body. And I edged my self again and again. Then I jacked to edge while taking off the pegs, one side at a time, and rubbing the marks. the only two that remained were the two on my nipples.

Master then told this slave to eat the pre cum that had leaked all over his cock. Jacking to edge I removed the remaining two pegs and pressed in hard until I reached edge. Finally I was truly rewarded by being permitted to cum with my masters permission and in his presence. It was far more pleasing than when I came and disobeyed.

-Boi Han


  1. Amazing story...very hot. Not sure who is turning me on more...slave or mmaster

  2. Cumming with a Masters permission always makes the orgasm much more intense. You are lucky to have such a dedicated Master.