Saturday, February 16, 2013

Slave boi Han's Disobedience

Master has been so very good to me, and yet I was recently worthless to him and could not obey his simple order regarding chastity.

 I am not allowed to cum without my great master's permission in advance, but I did so anyway the other day.

I was very horny and decided that I would just jack to edge and NOT disobey master. This selfish slave, however, decided to use clothes pins, because when master uses them my cock absolutely loves them.  I started jacking to edge, over and over, getting closer and closer and finally I gave up stopping, as it felt so good that I just kept going and I came.  I truly was a worthless slave who did not use the adequate control that I have with the Free Will that my master trusts me with.

The instant  my cum came out of me, my worthlessness hit me and hit me hard. I had disobeyed my master and felt awful. I got on skype to tell my master what a selfish boi i had been. He was very upset and told me how I had disappointed him greatly and that I was going to be punished.

First, he told me to describe myself on my chest by writing "selfish boi" which had to be thick and wide because he wanted it to be visible in spite of my chest hair. I was ashamed and now marked, as a failure to myself; and worse yet to my master. As bad as this label was, the punishment was even worse. I was instructed to place double pegs onto my nipples and jack to edge multiple times, over and over again without cumming.

The double pegs caused me more  and deeper pain than I had ever experienced before. Master explained that when I disobeyed, he was hurt deeply also. Punishment did not end with my nipples, because then I had to place a clip  clothes hanger on the underside of my cock and let it hang. Then he jacked me to edge with it still attached and swinging. However, my caring and loving master soon let me take it off, but of course then I had to immediately jack to edge; which hurt, but still  felt so very good. I think master is conditioning my brain to enjoy the sexual erotic pain he inflicts.

Then I was told to take of the left  side double pegs and press in as I jacked to edge several more times. It was extremely hard not to cum, but I didn't let myself. The pain was so great and yet enjoyable that I could barely keep it in...then he told me to do the same to my right side.

He doesn't know this but that side, for some reason, is far more sensitive. As I was taking those off and jacking to edge I could feel the cum rising in me so I stopped. I tried hard but could not help but let a very little of it of to escape. Master was not upset as I did not really ejaculate and some cum just leaked out without an orgasm, because I had finally learned how to stop it! Desire to please my master had finally surplanted my own selfish needs...I was again proud to be his slave; but I do not know if he will again be proud to have me as his slave?

He ended the amazingly erotic and sensational session by telling me to get dressed, but reminding me that my label "Selfish Boi" was to remain on my worthless body as a reminder to my brain and cock of my disobedience.

 This session not only reminded me that my master owns every part of me, but also that I want him to own every part of me.

-boi han 

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  1. I love finding out about the little differences in our bodies from being controlled. It helps with the exploration of every part of the slave.