Sunday, February 24, 2013

Boi Blake's Heavy Heart

During my relocation over the past 2  - 3 weeks, Master was helping me with the transition. He was and is great at helping me through difficult decisions and processes.

During a chat we were having, I was not forthcoming with an answer to one of his questions. This has caused Master to become very upset with me. At the time of this, I did not understand withholding this particular information would have such an impact and I don;t really know why on earth I did it and then lied.

As the weeks have gone by, Master and I have had no contact with one another. My heart is heavy because I hurt Master in not sharing a simple answer, indicating a lack or my trust. But, I do trust Master completely and never should of  withheld any information from him.  It was silly, dumb and childish.

Now, I am fearful Master will punish me by not communicating with me forever. I do not want to serve him if he no longer wants me, but the need to serve him is deep within my being.

I have not been tempted nor have not had any desire to touch my slave cock or balls since this offense, for I know that  Master is the only one to control my slave cock and balls. This slave's body is his.

Anton and Tal
Regretting Slave
Sir, I am truly sorry and pray and hope you will forgive me. You are my Master and I serve only you. I love you Sir.

--Boi Blake


  1. Master after several weeks of punishing Boi Blake by ignoring him, finally openned a dialogue to discuss his actions.

    After a week of discussion, Master decided to give boi one last chance, and to restart the relationship.

    For reader's understanding Boi Blake has been benched once before, that time for lying to master regarding a personal relationship with another he had discussed with master and had decided to stop, as boi was being taken unfair advantage of repeatly.

    Instead, he continued the relationship, only to be taken advantage of again, and at that point ended it and confessed to master.

    This violation was different, he exhibted actions that indicated he did not trust master, and consequencly avoided answering a very simple question. As readers who have read Master's post know, trust is key to a master/slave relationship and consequently this was a very serious error of judgement on boi's part.

    Boi Blake has been a slave of master for over 10 years, and this last event could of easily put an end to it forever.

    He is getting one more chance...I hope he takes advantage of it.

  2. Master is an awesome master. I love him so much and still feel so bad, and get tearful, when I think about this recent issue. I love you Sir. You are my master!

    Boi Blake

  3. You are lucky to have such a forgiving Master.

  4. james,

    Thanks for your post. You are so right about my Master being forgiving. He is the best Master. I love him.

    boi blake