Saturday, February 16, 2013

Success of Blog: Votes and Comments


This blog has been very successful and I continue to get lots of comments directly to my Recon Slave and Master's profile account...thanks for that.  Currently the blog has over 4,000 readers a month! The majority are from United States, closely followed from the UK, then Europe and Canada.

The success of the blog is due in a large part do to my slaves getting excited and wanting to post their feelings and experiences as I train them. I allow any slave I train to post.  These posts are their own, in their own words and they post their own pictures as well.  I do not require slaves to post pictures with their faces showing, but some want to, and do as they are very proud and are fully out.

I ask the readers to do two things:

  • First, leave comments on each post for all to read by clicking on the word "comments" or the small pencil if it is visible.  These posts are anonymous, so you do not have to leave your email or identify yourself in any way.  The slaves and other readers appreciate comments. Remembers the purpose of this blog is to share the reality of actual slave/master relationships, so your concerns, questions, or other comments are welcome. The author of the post will respond!
  • Second, please vote and rate the blog by going to: and just click the number of stars you believe "A Master's View of Slavery" merits .  The more stars the more readers the blog will get.


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