Monday, February 11, 2013

boi Han Intro

  It feels like forever since I have felt that I have been in my Master's comforting and controlling arms, but actually it has only been 5 minutes ago.

  So the point of this first post is to simply discuss what has recently happened between me and Master for the time that he has been training me.

 A few sessions ago we simply talked, he did not order me to do anything and I did not get an erection, at least not physically. We discussed life, what my plans were and how I have been trying to make up for past mistakes...mentally I felt good about it.

 But, tonight, just a few moments ago, I was physically satisfied. True to form, master started off by discussing life since we had last spoke. Then abruptly he ordered me to strip, which I did gladly. Next I had to get hard, which Master made super easy by ordering me to tweak my nipples and rub through my shorts. I was hard in a matter of seconds!

  He then ordered me to put a peg on each nipple. Then another one attached to that until I had a train of about 4 clothespins on each nipple. At this point Master knew I was harder than a rock. He ordered me to jack to edge.  In previous two physical sessions, I came uncontrollably prior to having been given permission, as it was too exciting and I had such lousy control. How embarrassing is that! I felt like a failure for days after.

 But back to this session, after swinging the train of pegs and edging several times I was told to put another peg on the one attached to my chest, except this one was supposed to squeeze the one on my chest even tighter. I then was ordered to use my fingers to squeeze them even harder ten times and then jacked to slave cock just jumped with each massive squeeze and precuming like mad. I was next told to put my hands into a fist above my head, then swung down several times in to my cock and balls. This was repeated several times, with direct hits.

  All this time I had remained hard, and had not cum. This in itself was exciting for me, because the past few times I was unable to control it and came too early, which caused me shame even though Master was going to let me cum, as he would tell me later...but I still was disappointed that I must have the worst control of any of his slaves.

Finally, I was then told to get on my bed on my back, and so I did. At this point I was simply naked, without pegs. I was told to jack to edge several more times and had to smack my balls a number of times.

The most exciting part of this session for me, however, was that I did not cum before being ordered to.....I held on...over and over.....finally Master told me I could jack off and cum. I must say that it felt better than any of the other times I had cum in my whole life and I was finally one proud slave boi and felt I finally deserved to be his.

--boi han

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  1. I am jealous of your control. i hope one day to be able to exercise the same amount over myself.