Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Without My Master...I Feel Lost

For a long time I was offline. Like boi jase told somewhere in these blog, school is first and because I have some exams in early February I didn't go on skype for a few weeks. Master is always very insistent that boi do well in all his exams, so I knew I was doing the right thing to please him.

My last session with my master was on 16. January! After that I was online  for just for a few minutes and I was writing to my master, but in the meantime he has been offline and he didn't get my messages when he came on skype later!  Thus he was worried about me and I am sure soon became angry and disappointed.

Later I learned he also was writing to me while I was offline, so I also didn't get his messages (with skype it can be so: if both writers are online is OK, but if one is offline, he can not always get messages from another). I had totally forgot that I have masters mail address...

After two weeks of this agony, I remembered that I can send message to my master on "Recon", where I met him first. So, finally he saw my message and he wrote back! I was all the time so scared , that master will be angry, because I disappeared... But he was not. He understood and was happy.

He had thought that perhaps I didn't want to be his slave any more. But of course this is not true. I want to be his slave like never before! I love my master and I know that he loves me, so I don´t  want to leave him or that he leaves me!

That would kill me. I can't live without my master! In the time when i was studying and I didn´t have assignments to do I was so empty and unhappy. I am happy only when I know that the things I do, satisfy my master!

Because I live with my boyfriend, and the time zone is with 6 hours difference, I can't serve my master all the time. We can have trainings only at night, when I am  visiting my parents....and that will be this Friday. 

I did have one assignment that I could do during this period.  Master ordered that I write my name in the snow after the next major snow storm.  But to do so, slave had to go outside, take out his cock, and piss write his name, with the warm slave piss making the letters in the cold snow.  I knew I was going to have two problems with this: 1) it was going to really be cold to have my cock exposed and 2) I was going to be so excited that I would be totally hard, making pissing very hard!

Slave Piss Writing in Snow of Name
Well left is the required picture...so I was able to please my master and I hope you can read my name,even if it looks more green than the yellow it is.

 I hope, that this training will be tough, and will replace all missed trainings in this month, as I owe this to my master and myself

--boi Nathos

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  1. Having a master can be the greatest thing in the world. Having someone to please can help keep everything else in order and make life much simpler.