Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Boi Danny's Request of Master

Sometimes a slave tries to control his master to the extent of getting some treatment that is particularly erotic or meaningful to them.  In the worst case, they try to manipulate master to get what they  want or need.  In the best case, they ask for it politely, while expressing to master that it is not their place to ask for anything outside the limits or agreements that the master and slave already have in place.

In this case, my faggot slave, boi Danny, asked if he could request something special from his master, but knowing full well that it might not be proper and that he had no right to ask anything of master, and therefore he knew upfront that Master could even refuse to hear what it was.

Being a curious master and in a good mood, I told him to speak. He said, "Master, this faggot wants to have one punishment/training that he can feel it is reserved for him alone, and that master doesn't use on his other slaves."  "In this way faggot can give to master all he has, using this punishment to prove to master that he is owned and loves his master more than any other slave....if I do it well".

I said maybe, but understand that I do not treat one slave with more favor than another, and each slave has different levels of needs, wants, and capacity to serve master.  Consequently, master normally treats each slave differently in accordance with how he feels about the slave's ability and needs... But, what do you have in mind faggot?

He responded, "Sir, do you remember when you tied the sneaker lace around my faggot balls?"  I said, sure I had you tie them tight and wrap the sack round and round, again tight, so the balls were pushed way down in their sack, and the skin was shinny and you could see the veins popping up. 

Faggot to Shop for Master
But, faggot, when I did that you began to cry and wail and were in great distress.  But I kept edging you, so you eventually calmed down.....but never used your safe word....so I was proud of boi.

However, tying a bois balls is not something I would ever agree to just keep for one slave, for master plays with all his slaves' balls.

However, boi I might consider something else.....go to Walmart
 and buy an Ace Elastic Bandage.  

 3M ACE Elastic Bandage with E-Z Clips
Slave's Ace Bandage
(to be continued)


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  1. Your Master is kind to give individual punishments. his individual attention is what makes him so effective at controlling his slaves.