Sunday, February 10, 2013

Denial...Blue Balls...Then Explosive Messy Cum and Humiliation

This post is severely long overdue, but I am glad I finally have the opportunity to get it finally written. I was so busy with school, which master insists comes first, although late, it is an important post all the same.

A few weeks ago sir gave me my first 'task.', after not being allowed to cum for like 3 weeks....and of course he normally makes me edge every 24 hours for long periods of time....over and over again. 

A Sun Break Whilst Skiing In French Alps
My family went on our winter ski holiday, but I was able to keep in touch with master as the Chalet had wi-fi!  I thought surely master would let me cum, as being always hard in the hot tube with others was no fun at all...however, he took no special mercy of me and instead delighted in my discomfort.  The only upside was that I was glad he was happy tormenting me.

 On the eve of my returning from the skiing trip from France with my family I was finally allowed to cum.  In fact my Master insisted that I cum and very soon. Whilst I was more than happy to oblige  him as I had been dying to cum for weeks, the catch was that my ejaculation was only to be achieved in my underwear and trousers and the resulting mess was to be left for my entire journey home.

 I was not allowed to clean up anything...he made me rub my cock  from the outside, through my pants over and over until I came what must of been the largest load of my life!  It first felt so wonderful, but then I realized that I was not to be allowed to clean up, nor even unbutton my  pants....I felt the wetness in my shorts and it was even a little was visible on the outside of my pants and even worse it had that telltale cum smell!
Although the length  of the trip was out of sir's control, as it turned out it worked very much to his advantage and my longest day of humiliation in my life. The normal 4 hour trip, thanks to traffic and euro tunnel backlog, took 14 hours! That was  14 hours in which I was trapped in a car with my entire family, smelling of cum, getting sticker by the hour.

Trapped with weeks worth of denied release cum coating my underwear and pants. I must say that whilst this may not seem overly embarrassing as the outside pants dried and became less visible, it became a tad more than uncomfortable having to hold how I sat and how much I moved for the entire trip in order to try and avoid allowing the accompanying  cum scent to waft into the enclosed space that was our shared transport. Four of us and all our gear were packed into our Range Rover and I  even worse I had to sit next to my teenage brother all the way back.

The experience was exciting in another way. 1st through the damp  clothes and then 2nd the smell and  3rd the now stiff texture of my clothing  rubbing against my soon to be hard cock, which as usual has a mind of its own. With every movement and bump I was reminded of sir as I sat trapped for 14 hours in the unyielding traffic.

 For 14 hours sir was as much a part of the ride as anyone else and that was invigorating and very sexually exciting.  I wonder what  he will do to me next? 

--boi jase


  1. This sounds like a wonderful experience. I am not sure I would be able to handle it but it is very arousing to read about and I love it :D

  2. Using all of the senses to control the slave sounds overwhelmingly delightful.