Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Boi Danny's Request of Master from Faggot's Side

 Hmmm, why would this slave ask his Master for a personal punishment that would be completely his and nobody elses is what you are wondering i bet? Well, I asked because I wanted a personal connection to my Master and to get deeper with him on a personal basis.

 Faggot saw the opportunity appear before him, when Master had told him that he has not used the punishment he has in mind for me on any other slave and that this would be the 1st time. I quickly asked Master if he would agree to only do it to me and no other slave.  Of course, I knew as a slave i had no right to ask him, but i dared to and did.  Master listened but refused to committ either way, but did not appear to be mad at faggot for his asking!

Slave in Ace Bandage
Next boi obeyed master and went to walmart to grab the ace bandage as Master had instructed him to do. I got the  4" bandage and then return home to show Master that he got the ace as commanded, and that it is ready for it.

Master has faggot take the bandage out its box  and wrap it around his neck ever so tightly to get me to realize what was going to happen for this session. Around and around the bandage went around my neck till i got to the end of it. Master then had me clip the ends.

He left me that way for a while, letting it get tighter and tighter over time. Then to my surprise he deems the bandage too big and ordered me to take it back to walmart and get a smaller ace this time preferably a 2 or 3".

So I go back to walmart again and get the 2 or 3" bandage and notice it has no clips, but instead was adhesive so i get it, seeing as it was the only small one there and that it was an ace too. I get back home and show Master, but he doesn't like the adhesive i have to find the right one with clips.

Master instead tells me that it will not be used tonight and will be used for a later time, which both made faggot feel fearful, yet anxious for it too. I am not sure for certain what he is brain has some thoughts which are really scarey however.

 But I await my Masters pleasure, I exist for him, to make him happy.  If my pain, discomfort, and punishment is his pleasure....then I am ready.

--Danny boi

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  1. Ace bandages as choke devices is a very creative way to satisfy the feeling of being clenched. Good Idea