Sunday, February 10, 2013

Danny Boi's Session w/ its MASTER

1st off let me introduce myself:

Hi, i'm danny boi , but really in my heart I am known as  my Master's faggot slave. I truly feel I exist to please him. My master is taking me into new territory, as I have been afraid of masters most of my adult life. I need direction and discipline, but have a hard time trusting others to protect and care for me.

I read most of the blog before taking the step to be owned by master, and I am/was very scared by potential punishments,as I have a very low tolerance to pain. Master told me to be brave and to think not about any pain, but focus instead of pleasing Master.  I also can tell you, I am very jealous of his other slaves, who can please him in this I committed to myself to be strong.

 The first thing master did was to tie its balls with a sneakers lace, and to be truthful boi started crying purely out of fear, not out of pain.  I never asked master to remove it, I just cried. I cried both out fear what he might do with my tied balls as well as fear I would be dismissed for crying. 

Much to my relief and surprise  Master was patient and nothing bad  happened, except that I grew to be less fearful and to trust him.  At the end of my session Master ordered me to buy a bag of pegs(clothespins) from a local store.  I did so, because after all  he owns me, because I wanted nothing more but to please him.

So, boi had a session with its MASTER yesterday and it was with pegs, something that is very new to this slave.

MASTER had HIS faggot use pegs on several parts of its body. MASTER ordered boi to take the 1st peg and put iton its tongue and  told him to close its mouth and all of a sudden it began to drool...and much to my amazment it drooled uncontrollably ( in my mind, even though it was a peg in its mouth, it felt like MASTER's cock in its mouth gagging it). You can see faggots' drool on its chest in my picture below.

After the 1st peg was attached SIR ordered more and more, one after another it was put on its body till it I reached the picture of me here:
Faggot's First Pegs Ever

 Even though boy felt some pain it pursued to keep its MASTER happy. SIR had boi jack to edge w/o allowing it to cum, MASTER had boi do this quite a few times, w/ every peg holding tight on its skin and edging so closer and closer w/o cumming. Master has boi brush each pegs slowly as he ordered it jack to edge. This went on for over an hour and it's nerve endings were screaming, but boi endured and stayed very very hard to please him.

Then SIR than had it raise its hands all the way up to the ceiling, till it is fully stretched so the pegs can clench on its skin even tighter. This hurts alot, very painfully, but faggot boi merely pushed on to keep MASTER happy and so it can show his SIR it is a good faggot and only wants to obey even though it is in pain... its pain to furnish and add to my MASTER'S enjoyment of this faggot.

Faggot's Peg Stretch
SIR had boi do this a few times w/ each time having boi to jack to edge. The whole time boi is hard, not one time is its faggot cock soft. After MASTER had boi stretched to the fullest extent, HE said for it to slowly take the pegs off on right side first and to press in its right nipple as soon as the peg that was on it came off, it did as it was instructed to and felt a sharp nudging pain in it, MASTER had it jack to edge w/ every time coming closer and closer.

Strangely, boi began to enjoy it the whole time it was being tortured even though it was in pain. It was amazing.  As readers can see, I work hard to build my muscles and make my body attractive for master....but I never understood how to build my mind and heart to give my body to a master for even more submissison at a higher level of committment than ever before. I was very proud when Master told me my submision was something beautiful.

MASTER then instructed it to take the left side off and do the same thing w/ the left nipple as it did w/ the right. Boi did as instructed and felt another sharp pain in it and then was told to jack off to edge again w/ this time still pressing the left nipple in more and more so that it can still feel that sensation while getting close to its edge, which in fact this time it didn't take long to get to.

After MASTER asked it how it was and it told SIR it was new and it did hurt but wanted to keep going to please its MASTER. it told MASTER it loved HIM, and kissed its MASTER  and SIR said for it to go to the gym and work out for three hours to improve my faggot abs.

It was a great session and it enjoyed itself and can't wait for its next session w/ its MASTER. it is very fortunate to have one as HIM.  Boi is still scared of the unkown..of where he will take me, but I am developing a trust and I have not cried since that first time, when I had no casue to.

--boi Danny

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  1. Fear of not knowing where things are going can be the best kind of excitement.