Saturday, April 13, 2013

Not Without My Master by boi-India

Its been honour to serve a handsome Master like Master Joe. Just like his personality, his heart and soul is equally beautiful.
So here is a detailed schedule ofexercise that Master designed for me
25 sit ups
25 deep knee bends
25 push ups
25 skipping rops
25 jumping jacks

It was a great experince when i was doing it. But the amaziing thing was when master pushed me to do the exercise when i was not able to. Thee fear of him leaving the chat disappointed forced me to complete my exercise
Master then gave me a memory to cherish for next 24 hours almost. He had ordered for q sticks/ cotton bulbs. He even told me tobring  moisturiser. the same night after completing the exhausting work out, he ordered me to strip and get the things. He told me to keep cock hard so he forced me to wank till edge
After that I applied cream to the stick and was ordered to insert it in my cock slit, deep in.  Controlling cum became extremly difficult for me but I did.he told me to shake the tip which is out of the cock. The feeling was great.  i felt like Master's cock was in my ass. Thank you Master
The session ended he allowed me to throw the stick. it was feeling great when i went to pee. With first drop i had to struggle to urinate, as if some one has brutally held my cock. every Force was bringing a burning sensatiion as if Master was squeezing me Thank you Master
 I spoke with Master about feeling of being too far and i requested my Master to push me , make me more submissive.
so just to give a glance he took a session. He told me to tie one end of the rope to balls firmly. The other end was supposed to be tied to completely filled suitcase. He the ordered me to pull the suitcase by balls all round the room, for every round i would jack.
Then finally came the first submission exercise when he told me to lick my shoes, smell and breath them. That was awesome Master
Thank you Master
Its been 24 hrs since I have met him and i feel something has horribly went wrong in my life
I just want to get back to him and endure as soon as possible!



  1. Sounds like good training! I love the cotton bud idea, think i'll have to use it from now one. Keep up the good work :)

  2. That looks like a good start of a training, the exercises and assignments are all manageable. Maybe i would have needed such training myself.