Saturday, May 11, 2013

Boi Nathos....My Return to Being Whole and Complete

Slave w/ Boy Friend
As you know from my older posts I am a boi with boyfriend. So I was somehow torn between my boyfriend and my master. But, my bf and I don´t practise master/slave relationship, and this is the reason I so needed my master's online ownership.

After a long time away I am back.

It was difficult for me these past two months and I believe even  difficult for my master. I forced myself to endure the tough time away from my master.

In our case I think it´s better to have a master/slave relation with someone else,  but not with my bf, as it would scare him or he would think that I am weird, or he is not adequate...and I love him more than anything.   So instead I started and accepted the on line relationship with my master.

I thought that all my problems were solved and I could handle this dual relationship. But two months ago I became worried and guilty and  realized that I shouldn't go further, as I might not able to get back. My master told me at the outset he was addictive and that is certainly true.  My need for him was ever increasing to insure my happiness.  My concern was that I didn´t know if this is fair to my BF and our relationship.

 I felt so guilty, that I am doing this behind his back... So, I broke up with my master.  I just stopped and went away. My greatest mistake was that I didn´t tell  him anything. I simply disappeared from Skype.

After a month I send him a mail and told him what is going on. He was disappointed in me, but not because of my feelings and concerns, but because I didn´t tell him anything to explain what was happening.

 He answered me that I  have to decide myself  what to do:
  • get back to my master or
  • be without my master.
 I needed one month for thinking by myself and today I decided.

I went to skype to wait for master. When he came online I told him I needed him and my bf and I was lucky: he agreed to take me back. He didnt punished me hard, but made me submit to him, even though my bf was napping 6 feet away from me in the same room.

My master made me rub my cock through my pants and squeeze my balls.....on and on and then made me grap my cock thru the pants firmly and wank and squeeze my sore balls again and again.

Obeying Master
 I got more and more excited and was breathing hard and fast, trying not to be loud to wake up my bf and then he made me cum in my as I write this I am all sticky and wet in my pants which are now full of my sperm  that I gave to my master; but I am feeling whole and complete....'casue he owns me again.

Boi Nathos

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  1. As I noted in my older post about accepting slaves who have bfs, I am torn, fully recognizing their needs versus their commitment to their bf relationship.

    So read that post...I never want to come between a slaves relationship and their boy friend....but only the slave can manage that.

    I also will release a slave, who is concerned about this....but I want him to tell me, not just leave.