Monday, May 13, 2013

Boi Nathos Serves his Master Again... Finally!

Today master gave me first assignment after a long time. Finally! As you read in my most recent post, I had run away, only to just return after two months....two months of unfulfilled needs, two months of being incomplete and feeling lost...a painful emptiness which is hard to imagine or describe.
My tightly tied balls

I was so excited that I could serve my master.
First I had to tie my balls tightly and leave them tied all afternoon. I was not allowed to wear my underwear so jeans was rubbing my cock all the time...this caused me to be hard all the time and to think of my master no matter what I was doing.                                                                

I had also to clean all bathroom surfaces naked only with my tongue and with my tied balls. While doing this I was required to wank to edge over and over again, not stopping (except not to cum) until I had finished the entire bathroom:  the tub, the sink, the floor, and finally the toilet rim, toilet seat, and inside the bowl. While doing all this I was wanking to edge continuously, only resting so as to not cum. Master has told me I am only now allowed to cum with my bf.  This is frustrating as well as exciting.
Cleaning the bathroom floor naked with tongue

After dinner, which will be soon, I can remove the rope from my balls and allow them to return to their pink color....right now they are swollen and darkish, but the feeling is so erotic...both physically and in my head.

So, there you have a short description  of my exciting afternoon and my serving him  after a long time without him.  I am so happy I am back.

-boi nathos

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