Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Master's Version of Water Torture & Ass Training

One day my master commanded me to drink a lot of water and not piss until he decide when. I, as a good boi, drank and drank a lot of water...5 liters almost...My abs/stomach were really swollen and I had a huge urge to piss and soon!
Slave Piss...Feels So Good!

Then I called my master on Skype begging him to let me first he made me drink even more, but finally he relented and let me piss...but only if I pissed as I was, dressed! I had on nice shorts and underwear. But I had no choice, by then I was jumping around, I had to piss so I did it.

Slave Making A Puddle on the Tile Floor

I could feel immediate relief, but also the warm slave piss running down my legs and soon I could see the wet stains on my nice shorts and then the running into a went on and on, it was like a horse had pissed, so, so much.

Slave Strip

Then he forced me to take off my clothes.

Next, he made me rub my soaked underwear all over my face and in my mouth and to squeeze some piss from the underwear into my mouth and swallow!

This was all new for me...but I felt so horny and had a ragging hard-on, that I begged my master to let me cum.  After all he had been training me for more than 9 days and had never let me cum once, even a little. Left to myself, with out master I cum at least once a day!

Slave Nine Day Load
 The load was huge as u can see it dripping over the side of my felt so good to finally please my master enough to be rewarded.

When my master commands that I do anything, it feels so erotic and satisfied when I do it....for all I truly want is to please him, every day, every hour, every minute of my life.

Earlier in the week, my master told me that he was to train my ass. I told him that I didn't have any plugs or dildos and besides that I have never put in anything in my asshole, nothing, else except for a guy's cock.

But, master commands me to buy plugs...I am very nervous about this, as they look very uncomfortable....but his desire is my command. As soon as the package came, my master immediately started my ass training. He made me order a three pack, small, medium and large. The large is HUGE...but he understands my ass is very tight, so he starts with the smallest one and I am relieved...momentarily.

Get Your Ass Open Boi!
Boi Plugged, Turn a bit More
Shove It In

He ordered me to put the small plug in my was hard to get in, but finally it was in and seated. I first put it in the wrong angle for the base, so he had me rotate it, so the base was inline with my ass cheeks. 

But then to my horror he told me to get dressed and put on my stretchy underwear, in order to better keep it seated...and even worse to go with it in to meet my friends and have coffee or drinks, always leaving it in. At first, I could barely walk, but he would not relent and off I went to a local restaurant to sit on my ass and on the plug next to my friends to hear about their holidays.

You can't imagine how hard it is to keep in and sit on for 2 hours....but I was hard the whole time, even walking home with my ass clinched around it.

My master was very pleased, and to further my training, today,  he made me put the medium plug in while I cleaned my house.  I hope he is not going to force the large one in anytime soon. What will happen with the large plug? Who knows better than my master.

boi Jim

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