Monday, September 9, 2013

boi Romance Begins Training

Hi, I'm boi Romance, a new slave addition to Master. I am going to write a post introducing myself soon, but for now, I wanted to write about the beginning of a new chapter in my life...that of being trained as a boi.

So, for my first meeting with Master it was suppose to be last Tuesday night but then at the last minute, I had to do something for work. So that night I went to sleep without communicating with master. The next morning, I woke up early and my master was there waiting for me.

 I was so excited I didn't even go take a piss or anything. I got off my phone and right on the computer and he started the session. Right off the bat, Sir wanted to know me, but it wasn't about sex or my place as a boi; it was about me...all about me.

This honestly surprised me. He wanted to know who I am. I was expecting, short questions and even shorter answers about stats, limits and then *wham* in to you're a boi/slave. But not with my  Master. Another thing with our first conversation that caught me off guard, was that I could ask questions about Master and he would answer them. This whole exchange, although personal, made me feel like I had value and not just a worthless piece of meat. 

Inspection by Master
After all the introductions were done, Master laid out the facts. Master didn't hide anything. He was blunt and honest about training and punishment. Though these fact might scare others away, it aroused me. After the facts were laid before me, I was laid before a way. The web camera went live and sir inspected me over Skype. Master commented  on how I needed to grow my chest and arm pit hair back and work out.  After the inspection, it was time for my first training to really begin.

Master had me get a hanger from the closet. But not just a normal hanger, the one with the pant clips on it. He had me clip them on my nipples and put the hook in my mouth. While edging, he had me pull my head upp and back...OUCH...IT HURT...but at the same time it was good because master kept saying "good boi" "yeah, that's it" and encouraging me. He then had me stop with the hanger still attached, got me on my knees and asked me if I could take it. This is what a slave's life is like.  There was no hesitation or doubt...I said yes sir!

He then followed this by having me pull the hanger straight out in front of me until they popped  off my nipples. It stung so bad, and when Sir had me press on my nipple back hard into my chest with one finger, it caused a painful pleasure I had never experience before.


Ball Punishment to Prove Submission
 After this, master had me put the hanger back on then and then tie my tennis shoe to the bar for even more weight. I gasped,  oh that hurt, tears had gathered for a quick second in my eyes when the hanger jerked off, but I loved my Master's words of encouragement.  I was so proud and happy that I pleased him.

He then had me slap my balls 10 times, punch them 10 times, take my belt and smack each side of my chest 25 times...all this to his ordered  cadence.

In spite of the punishment training, you can always tell Master cares about you. For example, the next session he showed me that although he truly wants me to feel and be submissive, but also loved. He  had me caress my chest and close my eyes, and imagine master behind me, gently rubbing my chest...making all the pain go away. 

Just the fact that he thought about my boi needs (especially on this early training session) was a "wow factor" to me. Then caressing time was over; 25 more slaps with the belt to each ass cheek, strapped the belt to my neck as a dog's leash and had me pull it up to make breathing difficult was so hot, especially while edging over and over.  Before serving my master, I normally came like 3-4 times a day, now I have yet been allowed to cum for over a week!  My balls hurt a lot, as they are so full. 

Then the session was over and Master asked how I was and how I felt. I can't remember my exact words, but I remember the feelings...It was amazing. Intense and painful, of course, but the feeling of me not having control or knowing what's coming next until Master tells me what he wants is so erotic and amazing. In fact, I play it over and over in my head as I try to fall asleep (and yes my cock is rock hard).

 Before he said good night, I promised master to work out weekly and lose more weight both for him and for my goal of the Air Force.  I will share with you all my progress after a few more posts.  I know my master wants me to succeed, both as a slave and in all I do in is quite a different feeling...a feeling of completeness, of being whole for the first time in my life and being cared about. 

--boi Romance 

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  1. Boi Romance's post is accurate and I was pleased he did not just dwell on his punishment, but also the rest of his training, which to be is equally as important.

    As a master, I do vary the amount, type and intensity of punishment based on what I think the slave needs and is capable of taking and learning from.

    Slaves worried about punishment should read this Master's post on punishment which I wrote and posted months ago...just scroll and read master's posts until you find it.