Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Str8, Bi, Curious Slave Returns as a Gay Boi

A Beginning

I first met boi slavehearted perhaps 3 years ago. He had a Recon profile and was looking to be controlled, used and abused by a male master even though he had a live in girl friend. In talking to him, he was enjoying sex with his gf, but felt something was missing and although he had fantasies about submissive male sex, he had never acted on it.

As the readers know and as I have posted: str8 and bi males are high risk candidates for slaves and/or sexual partners. My main reason, is that time after time they prove to be unreliable and incapable of being committed to one person or gender overtime.  In short, they run away or cheat, time after time, again and again.

I advise all my slaves NOT to get involved with one, when they date; but some have, and sadly with predictable  results, causing them emotional duress and disappointment.

Ready to Give All to Master
I reluctantly took slavehearted 3 years ago to give him a try.

Prior to him I actually have had one str8 boi in the UK that was with me for 7 years and he was totally amazing. He was very athletic, wild and had been living with his gf for like 5 years already and was curious.  He has no idea what bdsm was all about and I taught him over time, and one by one his limits (like no ass) fell away.

UK Boi Loves to Get his Butt Whipped
  He was in her Majesty's Service, and did his job well.  He retired after 20 years (he had started at 18) and even being in his late 30's he was in beautiful shape and perhaps one of the most sexy guys ever. He then became a personal trainer and is very good at it, bought a house with his gf and recently they got married.

When he got married I stopped training him, but we still talk from time to time.  He is a great guy and he likes to chat about: "do you remember when you me?"  He still loves to be dominated by a master on line and even tried it in person once..."casue I  had to", and is happy and well adjusted sexually.  But he is the exception! slavehearted was going to prove.

Slavehearted at that point believed he was str8 had a gf and was living with her, but needed more.  He described it as needing domination, as strict and as hard as possible. I do not know if he realized he was a masochist, a person who can derive  sexual pleasure from pain, but it soon became apparent he was.

However, he soon disappeared for weeks, only to beg to return, when he returned master refused to let him cum with his gf and cranked up his punishment, feeding his need, as well as pleasing me.

The third time he vanished, I banished him, deleted him and blocked him.  A year he ago he found me again on recon and tried to add me back to Skype (sometimes once a day). I declined each time for a year.  Then a few months ago, I told him he would have to read the blog and write a meaningful personal comment on each and every post for me to reconsider him again.  He ignored that condition for months, but recently became convinced he had no chance of being my slave without doing it.

Readers can read his comments, as they are revealing in themselves. Just go to the comment section at the end of each post, and click on it and you can read his short post, concerning himself and master.

He also has decided he is in fact gay, no longer Str8, no longer just curious, no longer bi; and that he needs to have homosexual relations to be whole, and that out trumps the opposite sex...and he then focused on dating only guys.  He broke up with his gf and is happier than he ever has been sexually....but I do not know if it will last.

Since he finally did the comment postings, I have taken him back and will be training him and he if he wants, he will be posting and sharing his training, punishment and perhaps breaking. He is likely to share his feelings and experiences about his service as my slave, as a way to share and better understand himself. Readers and slaves should understand that he longs for total submission and "to be broken" emotionally and physically. It will be no cake walk and a very hard road,  not suitable for most.

Slave Giving His Balls to Master
 My treatment of him will be consistent with that need and his desired purpose to serve.  I never ever treat slaves exactly the same way, nor train them beyond their limits or needs. I believe and support slave rights as you can read in an early post and that still stands.

 I also have a box for myself that I will not escape out of:  No blood, no permanent damage to boi (tats, body mods, scars, etc).  I know a small fringe of submissives think they want to disappear, be damaged etc, but for sure I think castration and snuff are illegal, dumb and immoral and those submissive guys who claim they want that can look elsewhere for a master.


Remember, the experiences of boi slavehearted will be reflective of less of 10% of the male submissive slaves out there, and should not be confused to be the norm, desirable or expectation of anyone.

Boi slavehearted has no idea what his master will do with him, to him, or how hard it will be, but he waits with desire, need, and a hard cock dripping with precum.

A boy’s journey… reality sets in.
Break Me Sir, I am Yours

Lastly, I really have no idea how long he will serve me, how faithful he will be, but he has earned his last opportunity to try and serve me faithfully again. If he is unfaithful, he will be gone. He also understands that IF he goes outside of my box, he will be dismissed, as that is mutual protection for us both.



  1. slavehearted,

    Sir is the best Master. You are truly lucky he has welcomed you back. Trust him always. He will always do the best for you.

    boi Blake

  2. boi slavehearted has run away again; but we have talked, and he wants to write a post
    explaining what his situation is and how he now believes he should and must act.

    He understands that I will not take him back, for reasons he will share, as I shared and explained to him.

  3. One day I would like to be there too, waiting for my master with desire, need, and a hard cock dripping with precum.