Thursday, October 3, 2013

More Than Before

I love my Master.

It had been some time since I was last trained by Him, although I longed to be.  So, I was very pleasantly surprised when one night my Master ordered me to write "Master's Slut" across my chest. He was not yet viewing the cam, so I asked if I was to write it before he began viewing...His reply "Yes boi." I hurriedly grabbed the red marker and took of my shirt and proudly wrote "Master's Slut."

I reported I had completed that order. My Master replied, "cam on and to the tub." He saw that my nipples were very erect as I made my way to the shower. Once in the shower I was ordered to slap my left many times, I do not remember. Then the right pec, again so many times I do not remember. I knew my Master desired a bright red chest.  He had me rub my cock thru my jeans over and over in between the hard and harder slaps.

Once the chest was brightly red, I was ordered to strip to my thong. My excitement escalated and my slave cock grew even harder as I pulled off my jeans. I was standing there in my thong and was ordered to turn around so that my ass could receive spankings until my Master was happy and the ass cheeks were bright red. "Arch your back as you spank your ass" was an order. I arched my back and my ass was thrusted toward the cam...oh how my ass needed my Master's spanks.

My Master is a loving Master, so once my ass was red to his liking, He had me lightly rub the ass cheeks, the crack, hole and space between the hole and balls. His gentle touch made me want more and more. 

As a slave I do not pay attention to my cock until my Master orders me to touch it. I did look down and noticed precum oozing through the material. I was one excited slut and reported this and was ordered to turn around for my Master to see and enjoy. 

Lucky me! I was ordered to eat the precum...yummy yummy for my tummy! 

Then Master had me strip naked and lay down in the tub in order to feel my reddened ass. The next thing I know I was ordered to "PISS!" The piss came gushing out up to the top of my head, into my mouth, all over my face and chest...I leaned my head back and gargled the piss. I thank Master every time I am ordered to piss either in the toilet or all over myself. He knows the best for me. After the piss, ball slaps...2x harder...4x harder...then ball punches...2x harder....4x harder....slaps slave cock responding so welcoming to this.
These slaps and punches, the piss, the ass and chest spanks were the most intense and hard I have ever done for my Master. My love for him, my innate desire to serve him, to please and make him happy, drive to further and further into deep submission. I have never felt so whole and complete, than after I serve my master as hard as I can.  He will always be my Master, my loving Master. 

I love you Sir.

Forever your boi,
Boi Blake

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