Monday, October 28, 2013

How Master Makes Me Feel!


Throughout life we are sometimes lucky enough to meet the select few people in this world who will turn out to be a true friend. True friends are there to pick you up when you fall no matter what mistakes have led to that fall. My Master was the person waiting to pick me up.

My time as his slave has been short, however it is no where near its end.

I remember feeling extremely intrigued by this man when I first met him. He caught my attention and I immediately wanted to know more.

 Here he was, a master telling me I needed to be independent... Wow I thought, I have never had a master who pushed for my independence so I was not really quite sure how to react.

 I quickly started training with my new Master. I am not sure how Master does it but he has drawn me in so tight. The more and more I train with my Master the more I am falling for my Master. I strive to please him in every way imaginable. If my Master says jump then I respond with "how high?"

Waiting For Master's Order


slippery when turned on
Slave Responds to Master's Hard Training

There is an automatic excitement when I am talking to Master or being trained by Master. I want my Master to say "Good Boy" or even to tell me that I am His and He owns me. The bond between a boy and his Master is deep.

I can not wait to gain more experiences with my Master and fall, if at all possible, more deeply for Him.

If someone were to ask me to summarize how my Master makes me feel... in one short sentence I would say... I love my Master.

--Pup Ikaros

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