Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Step One: Believe you are filthy: I Need My Master: Take Me Back

Life isn’t meant to be easy, well at least for 99.9 per cent of the world. Sometimes life is hard, scary and stressful.  Being a slave has similar adjectives.
                Master has a way of making a slave feel less stressed, he’s awfully caring. Being his slave isn’t hard, I mean being a slave by default, just do what he says...there easy right?
                Scary on the other hand, is a paradox.  The stuff he and I want to do, is scary. Mostly because of health reasons...well all because of health reasons.  I want to be the dirtiest pig in his “pen”  but doing so requires getting over the mental blocks in my head, which is no easy task when it comes to just knowing shit should not be consumed. But being a shit slave will never ever leave my head and its up to both of us to get over the mental hurdle. The sky is the limit after that.

Slave at his trough
  Master asked me to write down some of the things I want...fuck no...what I NEED:
 o Dog shit. I couldn’t tell you where this idea came from, or why. But its been going on for a long time now. Just knowing how dirty/taboo it would be.  Filling a condom up with it and having it in my ass or playing with it, consuming it.

 o   Public toilet- licking, bobbing for shit, piss, pubic hair. Total filth.

  o More work on anal training. My ass has always been tight, which of course is a good thing, but working on more anal stuff would be crucial for cocks and cum.  He needs to force my hole with larger and larger plugs and dildos.
  • o To be punished, because I am so so fucked up and perverted, I deserved to be used and abused.

II     I also love pain, especially CBT, and nipple torture. Master knows this, we've used q tips in the past and inserted them into my penis, twisting and turning. The best part about that is when I piss after, it stings for hours at a time.  It also reminds me of my Master, wherever I am, and who I am.

I      I can't cum until I please Master again...Take me back! I am so sorry I ran away.  I need him so much. I'm looking forward to many more sessions with him as we grow together in what you might think is be it, I know one thing now....I truly need it to be be be fulfilled sexually.

I can’t wait to serve Master again, I want to come back to him. He’s the only one who knows who/what I truly am, his dirty pig fag.

--boi mark

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  1. As a boi's master I do not recommend that he do scat with others, no matter how hot it is for him, as it is not healthy and has significant risk to transmit disease.

    It certainly is demeaning, dehumanizing, and submissive and therefore I understand why a few, very few, might find the thought of it erotic, or even the actual act.

    Scat is ALWAYS a given Limit for any and all bois who want me to be their master.

  2. I'd like to read more on the progress of anal training.