Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hello, I'm Boi Krys

Hi everyone well this is my first post and I'm not a great writer but I'll give it a try.
First of all... Hi! my name is Krystal (or Krys for short) and I'm two decades old and here is how I ended up in hands of this great master.

For a long time I have been interested in some kinky stuff like bondage and slavery; but most of all puppy play. Because of where I live, it's hard to find people open to these ideas...so I decided to look on the Internet. After a while of searching and I found myself at a web site named Recon...and I thought: another web site, another account, a lot of guys looking for a one night stands! Sigh..., but what I didn't knew was that I was going to meet such a master.

I guess I look like a twink, as I got piles of messages, but one particular of these stroked my attention, as he had an attractive profile pic plus a huge blog, so I started talking with him.


Ben Bowers
New Slave Wondering How It Will Be
At first I thought he would be like a lot of masters who only take you as their personal toy.  However, this master was different, he was interested about me, my plans for the future, and my relationships. Almost weirdly compared to most, he is a caring master.  Part of me just wanted a hard ass master that would take and use me, and give me back nothing but the joy of being submissive...so this was curious

After a lot of talking (cus I can't stop talking) master took me as one of his slaves, I took him as my master and so the story begun: First rules, then planning and last but not least training, intense training...to be continued...

Boi Krys


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