Thursday, August 7, 2014

Looking back with lust

I haven't been trained for quite a long time. I started talking to Master about two years ago. I was living abroad, I had just been dumped by my ex. I was adventurous, free and horny. I had had a few experiences as a slave, but never as intense and good as it was in my imagination. I signed up on a web site as a slave boy, and after a few weeks, I started chatting to Master.

He seemed different than other masters I had chatted with before. He seemed to care about me, to take me seriously. It was like he was genuinely interested in finding out about my needs; not just sexually, but also in life.

Many a late evening, or night I would log on to Skype with impatience, hoping to find Master there. Often I would. He liked to chat with me without clothes, so the first thing I had to do was to strip for him. He made me feel proud, being able to show more and more of my naked slave body for Master.

More than once as I working for my internship, I would be in the office late at night or on a holiday, and with no one else there, Master would make me strip naked in the office.  Lay across a desk on my back, and wank to edge 40 times with cuming....or make me dry hump the office carpet bouncing my tight muscle butt faster and faster for him. In the end, he would let me cum and send me home to sleep.  The next day at the office I would be hard all day just reliving what he had made me do the night before!

My cock was always rock hard, and Master used to make me cum. Almost every time. Sometimes he made me cum several times in one session. I loved it. Being naked in front of him, just obeying. He normally spent a good amount of time on me, making me edge, put clothes pegs in my nipples, tie up my balls and my cock. He sometimes made me twist the pegs, or slap my balls and it did hurt.

 At the same time, it reminded me that I was his, and that made me incredibly horny. I don't precum much (unfortunately), but just after some minutes talking to Master, the tip of my cock head would be a little bit wet. Sometimes, Master even made me piss in front of him, either in a glass, or all over myself while I was in the shower. I can very clearly recall being extremely embarrassed, and the fact that my slave cock would stand up and give away to Master how horny I was while doing it, made me even more embarrassed and submissive.

After a months, I moved. I still talked to Master now and then, and got trained, but 1,5 years ago I got a steady boy friend. He is my age, very nice, smart and sexy. He knows about my "submissive sides", but we have a "normal" relationship. I am way hornier than him, which can sometimes be a bit hard. We are about to move, and he has already left. I will follow in a few weeks time. In the meantime, and maybe beyond that too, Master has agreed to train me again. I am very excited about it!

Boi on Tight Leash
I am a 26 year old guy. I am still at university. I am a good student, have done very well with lots of international internships (which makes master proud) with a fairly athletic build. I have done triathlons for a while, and I love going to the gym. I personally would appreciate having more defined muscles, but I do get compliments for my body as it is.

Guys tell me that I am handsome and masculine.I have naturally a hairy chest. Sometimes I trim it, whereas other times I just let it grow. I am very horny by nature with a huge sex drive, and cum hard and quite a lot when master allows me to.

I often shoot myself in the face or even over my shoulder when I get off. I love obeying Master, both on camera and in general. Semi-public places, especially with hot young men turn me on a lot. It happens often that I get a boner in the shower at the gym, and I have gotten off in the sauna there more than a few times.

I am happy to back with Master, and eager to train, submit and obey.

--Boi North

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