Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Muscle Boi Meets Master

Muscle Boi Trains For Cum Control

 I first met master around 2 months ago on Recon. Right away I realized he was different from any other master I had spoken to, and I realized just how lucky I was to have connected with him.

He was genuinely interested in me as a person. My story is a little unusual…I have had sex with many women, but never a man. I have been single for the last year, and I began to get curious about what it would be like to be with a man.

 One thing I realized is that I was craving to be the submissive with one. With women, I love being dominant and having control, so I realized I wanted something completely different if I were to experiment with men.

This is where master came in. He is very strict and expects I give him 100% in our sessions. Our latest goal is to make me cum hands free. This is very difficult, and requires a great deal of control because hands free cumming works best when the balls are full and haven’t been emptied in a while. So far he has made me go as long as two weeks holding my cum...at that point insanity seems to be just a day away!  When I am allowed to cum, the punishment gets even more intense and I can just focus on one thing...my reward for pleasing master, and then it happens, I shoot on my chest, in my face and even over my shoulder...and then peace, contentment, and a sense of completeness, I have never felt before.

However, it’s actually been very easy for me to not cheat…because master is now the only thing that turns me on. I don’t really have any desire to look at porn anymore or even hit on women because master has filled that hole in my life that I have had since becoming single. 

Master has opened my eyes to a number of things I have never tried before, such as ball bashing and clothespins. I never realized how sensitive my nipples were until master taught me how to make "trains" out of clothespins so they hang and keep my nipples constantly stimulated.  ..was very hot not to be able to control my body.

When he instructs me to  work out and do jumping jacks and the clothespins begin bouncing around and slapping against my chest, I have to try very hard to not blow my load.  He knows my mind and body so well, he knows what will get me boiling and he makes me fight for control of my cuming.....it is so hard with him!

Pegs as a Train and on Tongue
 He also likes to put a clothespin on my tongue, which hurts like hell, but forces me to drool all over my chest and cock, making it shiny and slippery. It is so hot not to be able to control how my body reacts to him and what he does.
 I usually never show face on cam because you never know who you can trust on Skype and  Master never forced me to show my face. But as our relationship has grown, I now trust him completely, and actually prefer that he sees my face so that he can see for himself just how much pain or pleasure I am experiencing...all for him.

I have begun to realize exactly what people mean when they say he is addictive. Master is very supportive of my hobbies, such as bodybuilding. He always gives me encouragement to help me grow bigger and stronger, and we incorporate workouts into our sessions.
I am a medical student, and master understands how busy and hectic my life can get. He is extremely supportive of me when I am nervous about an exam or start to doubt myself. I freaked out before my last exams...it is either pass or fail, and Master was there for me every day, no sex, no training, just encouragement to have faith in myself and take it one day at a time...and he was right, I did fine.  
I feel extremely privileged to have found him, and I can’t wait to see how our relationship grows over the next few months.
--Muscle boi

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