Monday, December 24, 2012

boi Jase: A white Christmas eve for Jase

Perhaps fitting given the nature of my last post Master has allowed for me to receive my Christmas present a day early and allowed me to cum. Now here is where things have taken an interesting turn. Was the release that I had craved for three days and nights the bliss that I had been anticipating? The short answer to this far too simplified question is both yes and no. The release was bliss and the feeling of peace that accompanies the drowsy bonds of the post climax glow was amazing and far more powerful than any I can remember having for quite some time.
But perhaps after three days of thinking of little else the idea of reaching climax had become far more powerful than the act itself. The fact that I was put back on cum control immediately after my present was shall we say 'opened' meant that I was unable to continue relieving myself of three days worth of pent up masculine drive and that in itself is both frustrating and exciting knowing that even when I am allowed release it will be more akin to giving a hungry man water to drink than food to eat. Still I can without hesitation say that Master's gift to me was both appreciated and immensely enjoyable and I find myself already looking forward to the next time I am allowed to indulge.
But what is perhaps more interesting at least to me is that I have a sneaking suspicion that the excitement and pride I feel during my days making sure I keep myself from cumming will begin to mean as much to me as the release itself. As I said before I am learning to enjoy the control both emotional and physical that master has over my more base desires and I look forward to the upcoming days of frustration and desire as much as I do the day when I will be allowed brief respite from them.

--boi Jase

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  1. Being able to keep oneself helps show the power and restraint a slave can have over their own body.