Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Slaves' Contribution to This Blog

I have decided to allow any of my slaves to post to this blog, so that the readers will have the ability to understand their feelings, concerns and how being a slave impacts them in reality.  The first slave to post is boi Jase, my newest boi.  His post is just below and this post is in response to it. 

To be clear, although master  has editorial control of the blog, each slave is entirely responsible for the content of their own post. ALL readers should feel free to post a comment regarding anything on this blog.  The comment section is not limited and is 100% open to any reader. Just click on the comment box and it will open. Many readers who know me, send me comments via e mail or messenger, but really it is preferred that you post your comment here so all who contribute or follow it have the benefit of your point of view, concerns or observations.

All my slaves are different and are treated differently by me. One size does not fit all. boi Jase has known he is gay from a year or so after puberty, but, like most of us in our early teen years, he did not want to be gay and was in denial or hoping for change.

 Consequently, in his case, he has only recently begun to act on his sexuality with others. Participating in this blog then, is a big deal for him and shift in the path on his journey to acceptance of his sexuality and expression of it. You will read that sense of discovery in his recent post.  I have told him that in my view he is in charge of his own sexual expression and the rate he travels.  He alone needs to decide what and is neither right or is what he wants it to be. For example, he is now out to his parents, but I have some slaves who have not taken that step yet.

As a master, I do focus on understanding my slaves...their needs...their concerns...their life. Any slave of mine is going to be able to share his total self, not just the sexual side or get dumped. So I am not a master for the one off slave, hook up slave, get off and leave types, nor the cum and run. Slavery with me is more about a total relationship...which is purposeful 'cause it is a lot more real, than just cyber wanks.  That is why I seldom take a bi slave or slaves who are be my slave requires the forgoing and commitment. At 33, I am done with eye candy twinks!

 I also have a high regard for slaves using the talents and gifts they have and develop in the world to be independent. All most all of my slaves have or are getting university degrees, and if they don't have life goals, they get them soon after serving me or they are gone.

So follow along, and see how we are all not so different, yet are.

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  1. The blog is a wonderful thing Sir. The individual treatment you give your slaves is incredible.