Sunday, December 23, 2012

boi Jase: Chastity

Master has instructed me to write another blog entry on a particular aspect of my submission to him, that I remain chaste. I am not to cum under any circumstances without his explicit permission. This has proved difficult so far though it is already getting easier. As I type this it occurs to me that many who read this post may not understand why someone would willingly consent to such a thing and I at one time in my life would have been one of them.

After all I like so many others have enjoyed the freedom to cum as many times a day as I so wished for reasons that were entirely my own be they pure unmitigated horniness or a simple act of boredom on a night, morning or midday with little else to do. For over a decade my sexual relief was mine to command and I am not ashamed to admit that I commanded it on a very frequent basis and the idea of falling asleep without cumming seemed almost laughable to me.

So why then would I agree to stop in the first place? Why would I continue to stop? After all my relationship with master is new and due to its nature there is nothing he could do physically to prevent me from indulging. Yet whilst the idea of cumming may have never left my head over the last few days the idea of actually doing so, despite the ache in my groin and the few extra half hours I lay in bed awake at night, has never once entered my head.

What then has been powerful enough to hold my hands and hips at bay? That as well, is something that may need explaining. It is in a way difficult to articulate, but I suppose it can be summarised as a desire to make another man happy coupled with the, for lack of a better phrase, a warmth-laden tranquillity that seems to come from submitting to, obeying and yes being 'owned' by another man! My chastity is a very physical representation of these feelings.

My desire to please and obey my master's order even when it tares me from a habit and pleasure in which I have indulged for so long is far greater that a carnal desire for release. One provides me with a brief physical and emotional sense of bliss whilst the other in one sense torturous provides a far greater emotional sensation that I do not at this time feel I have adequate words to describe.

As I stated in an earlier post honesty is one of the greatest foundations of my relationship with master and I have resolved to apply that honesty to my posts on this forum; I can not categorically state that I will never succumb to my urges whilst I am with Master, but I can state that I shall put all that I have into keeping my word. I know the consequences of breaking my promice of chastity would not only result in punishment from master; but also a powerful feeling of failure, disappointment and betrayal on my part.

This post and it's attempt is to explain why I intend to remain chaste are, I hope testament to that promise and a contract of trust I have made with my master.

Boi Jase

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  1. I too get a great deal of satisfaction from pleasing another. Much greater than merely pleasing myself.