Thursday, December 20, 2012

Master's Understanding of Himself

I am a 33 year old master who loves to control a boi sexually. I want to own him. I want him to desire nothing more than obey and sacrifice for his master. Key to that is his sexual release, or lack of the opportunity to achieve an ejaculation, unless I give him permission in advance. I love to torment him by edging him for long periods of time, then punish him , then edge him again. In this way he learns that I am more important to his happiness than a quick sexual release.

I have several online slaves who are in 20's and  a few in mid 30's, but all are very hungry and horny for sexual control.

 If a slave agrees to share with the readers his feelings and his training and how it goes as our relationship progresses, he is free to post his own comments as well as any pictures he wants that show him in training. Although his training is online, it is quite intense and the emotions and feelings very real. What you read here does apply and have relevance to face to face relationships of master and slave..

I am gay and so are my slaves and all have significant interests beyond just sex.  Those interests are key to a continuing relationship that takes on a more goal view of life and reality. They include University Education and work for most.  Some are very artistic, others very practical. but all have a desire to achieve in life.

I do not as a rule take young (18-19 yo) , str8 or bi slaves, as my experience has been that these guys are unreliable, confused, and have a very hard time making and keeping commitments to me and others.  I find this unacceptable.

Honesty, truth and mutual respect is actually key to the master/slave relationship. Foremost is that the slave trust his master in all aspects of the the reader will learn.  Neither master nor slave should ever lie to the other.  As a master I always want the truth from a always works with me, a slave should never try to figure out what answer I want, and tell me that, rather than the truth.  Lying to this master is a sure way of getting banished or dismissed.



  1. thunderbroadwayataoldotcomJanuary 9, 2013 at 12:24 AM

    Are you anywhere close to Pittsburgh PA? I would love to submit to you!!

  2. Thanks for the consideration boi, but no I am in North Carolina

  3. Honesty is so important and I am glad that you treat your slaves honestly and allow the trust to be built.