Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chasity: Mechanical or Free Will

In the post below, boi jase talked about his learning to be chaste to please his master.  A male's sexual drive is strong, whether he be homosexual, heterosexual, top or bottom. As a master or dom,  the controlling your slave's or sub's ability to cum is really extraordinarily erotic, while the Master has no such limitations.  It is very dominate for the master and very submissive for the slave.

 Virtually all master's control when and if a slave can cum. Some masters never allow their slaves to cum in their presence.  Only when the slave is sent home may he cum by himself, normally while visualizing  the session he has just finished.  Some masters do not allow their slaves to even touch themselves for any reason. 

Other masters will tie their slave down naked face up and edge them over and over, making the slave responsible to tell his master to stop before he cums....and eventually the slave messes up and cums and then the master may just keep wanking him, even though the slave's cock is very very sensitive after ejaculation, as punishment.

Some masters lock their slaves up in a chastity device like a bird cage or cb6000, which prevents the slave from achieving an erection. In this case the master holds the key and unlocks the device only when he wants. Wearing of a chastity device is very humiliating and frustrating for the slave and some slaves really like the experience and it is also is easier for them than self control.

This master always prefers to use free will of the slave to remain chaste, as proof of the slaves' submission and determination to please his master.  This places the responsibility firmly in the slave's hands (pun intended). It also allows the master to have ready access to the slave's cock to edge him over and over to torment him without having to unlock the boi.

 Normally, a healthy 18-35 year old male  will cum about 5-7 times a week.  A few only 3 times.  On the other end of the scale, some will cum 2 or 3 times a day and these slaves can not imagine not being allowed to cum for days or weeks at a time. Boi jase is a boi who was used to cumming more frequently than the norm. In fact, the boi is suffering from swollen congested "blue balls" as we blog!

A key component of training a slave is restricting his cumming in order to increase his sexual desire.  This is why most master will insist that a slave that is going to have a session not be allowed to cum for at least 3-5 days before the meeting. This heightens the sexual erotic nature of the slaves training and makes him hungry to be trained.


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  1. The layers with which you train your slaves is intense Sir. Controlling cumming though does sound like the best way to control a slave Sir.